Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Favorites Link Up!

It's that time again, friends!  June has flown by and we're smack dab in the middle of summer - welcome July!

It was a CRAZY month for us with the passing of Kevin's grandpa, my training in Utah, all the flooding in Texas, work being crazy, Father's Day weekend and Cassie visiting San Antonio (which was AWESOME by the way and I need to do a post on it once I get my photos organized).

In June, I read so many great blog posts so I wanted to share a few with you for my Monthly Favorites!

I hope you join us in the June Monthly Faves link-up!  Even if you don't have one posted today, that's okay!  Just post it sometime in the next month and come back to link up here.  We do it every first Wednesday of the month.  Check out Mia's post too and grab the button if you like!

A Deeper Joy

Let's get to it!

Side note: Please pin from original sources.

I absolutely LOVED Tiffany's post, 5 Morning Rituals That Will Greatly Improve Your Day, because it convicted me!  I really need to start waking up earlier and need to be more intentional with my mornings - especially with spending time with God and exercising.

Caroline, from In Due Time, shared about her recent trip to Costa Rica HERE, HERE and HERE.  I loved Costa Rica during my honeymoon so I am taken back when reading about others' trips there.  It's one of my favorite places in the world!  And let me tell you...Caroline and her hubby are adventurers!  I love it!

Biana, from B Loved Boston, shared about Summertime Entertaining with iced tea bars which I think is such a great idea!  Blackberry Bourbon Iced Tea?!  Umm....yes please!!

Cassie, over at Sage, along with Christine, from The So-Called Homemaker, have started a series called Speak Up for Silence.  I really enjoyed Shane's post about anxiety HERE.  It's something I've struggled with probably all of my life so I definitely related to it.  You should definitely catch up on the series!

Mia at Make Me Up Mia provides some awesome inspiration in her post 5 Reasons Why I Lift!  I mean...her before and after photo is pretty impressive.  I need to get my booty lifting weights!

In June, Paige from An Uncomplicated Life talked about The Importance of Alone Time and "Me Time" Activities.  Even as a woman without kids, I need alone time.  I need it to regain energy, focus on God, stop and breathe and sometimes, pamper myself.

Now it's your turn!  Share your favorites (any category) from June and link up your post below.

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  1. You rounded up some of my favorite posts too!! Thank you for including me in your list :) I loved the morning rituals one....although it was a struggle to get up this morning lol! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Fun round up! I loved Mia's post. I will have to check out the other posts too. I hope that you are doing well too and having a great week! :-)

  3. I read all of these posts and couldn't agree more - they were all fantastic! You know... My own included ;) Thanks for thinking of me and including me in this AWESOME roundup of bloggers/posts!

  4. I was telling Mia about this weird dollar tree purchase that cools the bags under your eyes on a ridiculous way but I love it haha plus the dollar tree

  5. So fun! I think I have read all of these posts! I love this favorites list! I too really enjoyed Tiffany's because I LOVE early mornings ;) And you know I love lifting so Mia's rocked too! (Heck, they were all good)

    Thanks for the shout out friend!

  6. These are some great lists! I hope your day is as lovely as you are!!

  7. All great posts! I'm excited for the upcoming change so I can have some more "me" time like Paige says. And of course Caroline's Costa Rica posts totally took me back too. Ok I could go on and on about each and every post, haha! Thanks for the shout out hun!

  8. Thank you for the shout out, I'm glad you enjoyed my post! I loved all the others as well :)

  9. Loved all of B's iced tea recipes, perfect for summer! And white water rafting is so much fun! But I bet it's even more fun in Costa Rica :)

  10. Can't wait to sit down and check out these posts later! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing your fave posts...can't wait to check them out!! Appreciate you hosting another fun link up! Have a fabulous start to July, sweet friend! xo

  12. These are so good!! There are a couple of newbies (to me) I need to go check out. Happy Wednesday Kelli!!

  13. I've loved reading some of those posts too - great picks, lady!

  14. These all look like such great reads - heading over to their posts now! I know what you mean about being more intentional about mornings. I used to read a chapter from my Bible every morning when I woke up but I've fallen so behind in the last few months. I'm really trying to restart that habit this week, looking forward to reading the other tips!

  15. I had already read a few of these, off to read the others! Mia has definitely inspired me to get back into lifting, and Paige totally made me want to do all the things on her me time activities list!


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