Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Wow!  It's been over a month since I last posted.  Needless to say, life is crazy.

I keep wanting to post some deep post about foster care and how wonderful it is, but as wonderful as it is, it's also really hard and really time consuming....even being on leave from work!

It's frustrating that I can't post photos of the kids, because they are my life right now.  If you want to see some photos and we text, hit me up.  I just can't share publicly.

It's the What's Up Wednesday link-up with Shay, Mel and Sheaffer so let's get to the randomness....

What we're eating this week...

Holy moley, this healthy lasagna was amazing!  Let me tell ya...our 2 younger foster kiddos HATE veggies, but they're on the verge of diabetes so I'm getting creative.  Surprisingly, everyone actually loved this lasagna made with zucchini instead of pasta, including my husband!  And I used ground turkey instead of ground beef!

What I'm reminiscing about...

Ha!  The days that I didn't have to get 3 children to 3 different schools and a billion counseling, doctor, dentist, optometrist, caseworker, attorney, agency appointments.  It's totally worth it though.

What I'm loving...

That my hubby is in such a great job!  He is such an amazing leader and Director of Local Missions.  He's working on an event to educate our children on human trafficking and the tactics that traffickers use, a Bible study in the local prisons and how to serve our foster/adopt parents and children.  Here he is doing the announcements at our church...

What we've been up to...

Kite Day at church!  We flew kites, the kids climbed the rock wall and we ate from the food trucks. Fun stuff.

What I'm dreading...

Going back to work on May 10 :(

What I'm working on...

Being patient.  Ahhh...seriously, my patience levels are getting better.  Even the kids said the other day, "You and Kevin are awesome.  We're really hard to deal with and y'all are really patient with us." Haha!  I'm glad they think that. :)

What I'm excited about...

Getting some girl time this weekend!  See "What I'm doing this weekend" below.

What I'm watching/reading...

Oh new addiction:

Hart of Dixie on Netflix.  I love.  I'm in Season 1.

I'm also reading too many books at once....hence, why I can't finish a book lately...

What I'm listening to...

Since we got the kids, we've been going to the library every other day.  They get books and movies like crazy and the last time we went, I decided to get myself a CD.

What I'm wearing...

Usually just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt lately!

What I'm doing this weekend...

I'm pretty pumped about this!  This weekend is my friend's bachelorette party in west Texas.  It'll be the first weekend I've gotten away so I'm looking forward to no responsibilities.  We're not going to a typical place for the party and I'm super excited.  I'm sure we'll do some hiking, swimming and hanging out.

What I'm looking forward to next month...

On May 7, our church is hosting a human trafficking awareness/training that my husband has worked really hard on.  The intent is to educate kids/teenagers about the ways that traffickers lure kids in and how to recognize when something isn't right.  We have a lot of parents/kids signed up so we're expecting a good turnout!

What else is new...

This last Sunday, we took the kids to a minor league baseball game.  It was a blast!  I wish I could show you the fun photos I took of the kids!

Bonus Question:

What's your favorite mother's day gift to give or receive?

Well, this is my first Mother's Day to actually be a mother so I don't know what it's like to receive a gift.  Ha!  But I like getting my mom something personal.  I'm slacking this year though because I haven't even thought about it yet!

Have a great rest of your week, friends!!



  1. I'm so happy to hear that it's going to so great for you - even if you are shuffling them to different appointments every week!! Yay for your first mother's day - I hope it's wonderful! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Girl, life has been crazy for me too lately! I know how you feel. For The Love is such a good book!! I love Jen. So jealous of your bachelorette party getaway this weekend!!

  3. So glad you're getting a weekend away! Also- how sweet that the kids told you that- and I bet really validating! Also: GO KEVIN!!!!

  4. Love Hart of Dixie & can't wait to hear your thoughts on For The Love!! You are just rocking this foster mom business lady!! Those kids have no idea how blessed they are to have you all in your lives!!

  5. Dude, Heart of Dixie... Just wait. It gets better! Love you girl and you're rocking it at the whole mom gig :)

  6. I just finished For the Love, loved it. Love that pic of you & Kevin, cute! Yay for a weekend away, sounds like you need a little getaway :)

  7. I can't even imagine how busy you are with the kiddos, but it sounds like y'all are having a blast! I love that you're getting creative with your meals! I swear I can barely taste the difference between zucchini and pasta sometimes!

  8. I've never heard of Hart of Dixie. I'll have to get with the program. ;) I'm glad you get to getaway for a girls weekend! You deserve it! xoxo

  9. shoot! you might have a comment in your spam folder. I hope :)

  10. I feel like we haven't talked forever! So glad things are going well it's the kids! Have a great time at the bachelorette party!

  11. I've been praying for you all so I'm glad for the update/check in!!! I'll be praying for your return to work (boo!) too!

  12. That lasagna looks delicious!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

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