Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - A Year in Review

2015 started out well and really ended well too!  There are so many things to praise God for so here's a little recap.

1 // The first thing we did was join a church and a lifegroup!  Y'all, our lifegroup has truly made our move totally worth it.  The girls have become my best friends - they've cried with me, loved me, have supported us, celebrated with us and are huge prayer warriors!  I feel so blessed to have them in my life - the guys too! :)

2 // Valentine's Day in DFW

3 // Fiesta in San Antonio!

4 // San Antonio Missions games throughout baseball season

5 // Wine Tours in Fredericksburg

7 // Pool time all summer!

8 // Cassie from Sage the Blog came to visit!

9 // Honduras Mission Trip to an orphanage

10 // Young Living Convention in Dallas with Tiffany

12 // Lisa moved to San Antonio!

14 // 2 Year Anniversary vacation in Mexico

16 // Christmas!

17 // And we end it with a bang! We got licensed to be foster parents and moved into a larger home!

What a great year!  Here's to 2016 being even better!


  1. So fun! Great pics!!! You are so blessed... and pretty!! Happy New Year xoxo :)

  2. p.s. I just left you a comment on your previous blog post. That is SO awesome & amazing!!! Keep shining FOR GOD ~ JESUS!!! Soooo cool. :) xoxo

  3. 2016 is going to be such a beautiful year for you guys!!! Happy New Year! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. So many great memories (especially the trips!) and much to look forward to in 2016! Happy New Year!

  5. So many fun and exciting things happened this year for y'all! Even though I've lived in Texas my whole life, I still haven't actually visited Fredricksburg for some wine tasting! My inlaws just moved close to the Texas wine country, so hopefully we'll have a chance to visit sometime next year! And what a way to end 2015, with the great news that y'all are going to be foster parents! Hope you have a great New Years!

  6. You guys had a great year! I'm so excited for 2016 for you guys. And... after seeing your pictures, I NEED to go to Mexico, ASAP. ;) Happy New Year!

  7. What a great year! 2016 is going to be so amazing for you guys.

  8. So happy for you and such an amazing year! Wishing you many more blessings in 2016!


  9. What an amazing year!!!! Happy 2016!

  10. Those cupcakes from Kevin's birthday look amazing!! Looks like you had an awesome year!

  11. Girl! What a year! I love it all! Fun trips, fun celebrations and yes you sure did end it with a bang! Can't wait to see what 2016 brings and can't wait to celebrate what He has in store for you!

  12. What an amazing year you both had, made that much sweeter by surrounding yourself with sweet friends!! Cheers to the adventures of 2016!!

  13. 2015 was an awesome year! I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for ya'll :)


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