Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Costumes of the Past

I'm not typically a "dress-up-for-Halloween" type of gal, but there are some random years that I've come up with some fun costumes.  I never go for the norm, the sexy or the expected.

In light of Halloween coming up in a couple weeks, I thought I'd share my previous costumes with you.  This year, we will have just gotten back from Mexico so I will probably be in bed early due to exhaustion!  No costumes this year!

I'm the cheerleader with a mullet on the left (1989ish?)

Barney Rubble (2000)

some kind of weird colorful reindeer (2001 - freshman year of college)

Marge Simpson (2004 - senior year of college)

Cloudy with a Chance of Showers (I walked around with a watergun and shot people with water) 2006
Yes, this might look like a scene from a horror film - creepy clown in the background

2008 was fun!  My roommate and I had a Halloween party at our condo.  I was the 27 Dresses girl and my pup was my bride.  Every hour, I went upstairs and changed into a different bridesmaid dress from all my friends' weddings.... 

 Cowgirl (2010)

Smarty Pants (2010 at a different party)

tomato juice and my little skunk :)  get it? (2011)

Carroll's bridesmaid (that's the dress that I wore in my friend on the left's wedding 7 years before - I was swinging a last minute costume) (2014)

What have been some of your favorite costumes from your previous Halloweens?  I'm curious to know you're most creative one!

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  1. This was such a fun stroll down memory lane! I love the 27 Dresses look, and I'm cracking up over the creepy clown in the background, haha!

  2. Haha I love these! You are wayyy more creative than me. I haven't dressed up in so long that I forgot how to even begin thinking about costumes lol!

  3. These are all so clever! I think the cloudy with a chance of showers is my favorite, but the 27 dresses idea is so cute! Your shorter hair is so cute too!

  4. Aw, I love the 27 Dresses one! Such a cute idea!

  5. OMG - you have the best ideas!! I'm not one for dressing up much (or getting into Halloween at all), but these are great!! I love the 27 dresses idea... and it totally makes me laugh because you can see the evolution of bridesmaid fashion FOR SURE. I remember ALLLLLLL of those dress trends.

  6. These are so clever! I love the smartie pants!

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the 27 dresses idea! That is the cutest thing ever! Smarty Pants is a good one, too... I'm the least creative person at coming up with Halloween ideas but yours are the best!

  8. OMG I love the marge simpson one. too cute!
    I just found your blog !
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  9. Haha I love the 27 dresses idea! I just did a halloween costume post and have to say my favorite one was when my sister and I dressed up as American Girl Dolls haha

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  10. Oh my gosh, this was TOO cute to look through! I love the 27 dresses idea!

  11. I love that your costumes were totally out of the norm. I think this year I'm going to be a bump in the road. :)

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  13. These costumes are awesome. I have found these creative halloween costume ideas I hope you will like these too


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