Monday, September 14, 2015

The Joy is in the Journey

Happy Monday, y'all!! has been a little "ugh" lately.  You know what I mean by "ugh"?  I'm sure it's mostly because of the hours I've been working at work but it's also other stuff that I'm sure I'll share about eventually.

I recently put this Emily Ley iPhone background on my phone because I need this reminder every day.

So, how was your weekend?

Mine was actually pretty good!  So glad I didn't have to work.  We went to the Baylor vs. Lamar football game in Waco at the last minute so that was fun!  I ran into quite a few old college friends and soaked in the Bears spirit.  It's so fun that my school is good at football finally!

proud of this man for supporting Baylor though he married into it!

We stayed in Temple that night and had brunch at our favorite brunch place again...Megg's Cafe!

Linking up with Biana for that weekend recap! I said, I've been dealing with some rough stuff lately so I haven't been the happiest - just being honest.  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind myself of what I have to be grateful for.  I've always wanted to join in with Emily's Grateful Heart link-up so here I go:

1 \\ First and foremost, I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father.  Why does He keep accepting me back even when I stink it up?!  Thank you, Jesus, for grace!

2 \\ Y'all, I have been blessed by the compassion and patience that my husband possesses.  Sometimes I'm emotional.  Sometimes I'm a big mess.  Sometimes I cry for no reason.  Or little reasons at least.  I'm so grateful that he loves me and supports me, even when I come home crying after a long day of work and am short with him when he doesn't deserve it.

3 \\ My family.  I've recently been able to spend some good time with my stepsister and niece.  A few weeks ago, we all got together for my mom's birthday.  I am SO GRATEFUL to only be an hour away from them as opposed to the 5 hours for the 9 years before that.

4 \\ I know this may seem silly but I am truly grateful for our two puppies.  They are both getting a little older and I get sad thinking they won't be with us forever.  I'm trying to savor my time with them!  They snuggle with me when I'm sad and love on me pretty much all the time.



5 \\ As we're heading into fall, I'm still getting in as many pool days as possible!  I can't get enough this summer!  Can't wait for Lisa to get here to enjoy it with me!

Have a fabulous week, my friends!


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Date Night: Roadtrip/Sports

Hey there, friends!  I hope that you've had a fantastic week! I'm popping in today to share about a great date idea for you and your significant other - could do this with friends too!

Two things that my husband and I love are sports and roadtrips!  Some of my favorite memories with him involve these two things.

Last fall, we roadtripped it up to Waco, TX, home of my Alma Mater - Baylor University!  Sic 'em Bears!  Waco is about a 3 hour drive from San Antonio.  We bought tickets at the last minute to a football game versus Oklahoma State University even though it was POURING cats and dogs!  We decided not to tailgate due to the rain - though I wish we had.  We saw people out there still having fun.  Regardless, we had a blast!  We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Waco, La Fiesta, for margaritas and dinner and then headed to the game.

Victory for the BEARS!!!!

Rather than driving all the way back home, we stayed the night half way home in Temple, TX and had brunch the next morning at Meg's cafe - best eggs benedict ever!!

Next, we stopped in Round Rock (by Austin) for Spirit Fest, a Christian music festival that lasted all day.  We heard some amazing artists sing!


So this last weekend, we did something similar!  We did the whole thing in a day though!

On Saturday, we drove up towards Round Rock and stopped at a flea market along the way.

It ended up kind of sucking but oh we know!

Next, we decided to do a little BBQ Restaurant tour!  I like wine tours, my hubby likes BBQ tours. Haha!  We stopped at a couple BBQ restaurants in Lockhart, TX (BBQ capital Texas, so I hear).

Kreuz Market

this place has no silverware, no BBQ sauce, no seasoning - they're confident in the quality!

Black's Barbeque

the wind was cray that day

City Hall (gorgeous!)

Then we finished our drive up to Round Rock for a Round Rock Express baseball game!  This is a minor league team owned by the Texas Rangers.  The game was a blast!

good seats are cheap at minor league games!

Since I had to drive the 2 hours back home after a late game, I needed some coffee stat!

Our drive home was really a blessing!  Kevin and I had good conversation and were swept away worshiping through I Am They's music.  Listen to them if you haven't already!

Have you been on any fun road tripping dates??  Anyone else love sporting events like us?