Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras

Hey there friends!  It's good to be back to the bloggity blog!

Kevin and I had an amazing time in Honduras and I'm here to share it with you.  The trip was organized by our church and led by someone who lived there for 3 years with his family.  We had a team of 5 people who we got to know pretty well and feel so blessed to know them.

There was one other woman and we had some awesome conversations and I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom from her.  PLUS, she interpreted for me since she is fluent in Spanish.  Man, I wish I knew more!

We got there on a Friday afternoon and took a crazy cab ride from Tegucigalpa to Guaimaca, where Orphanage Emmanuel resides.  It's built on 60 acres and is quite nice!  I think most people expect orphanages to be run down with starving children, and some, unfortunately are, but this one is not.  The founders started it 25 years ago and trusted the Lord to grow it and provide for each child.  There are 500 kids there today who are well-fed and well-loved.  It was SO encouraging!

The staff and volunteers are amazing.  God has provided immensely for these children, I believe due to the faith of those started it.

How about I just share the photos?!  (I apparently didn't charge my camera or bring the charger so the photos are taken with my iPhone) And please, send any questions that you have my way!

Painting the bathrooms in the medium boys' yard

Any guesses as to why we're painting everything a dark yellow?!

They have their own functioning farm/gardens - teaching the kids how to work and provides them with food/sustainability

passion fruit plant

little girls house!! my favorite place!


Kevin playing soccer while holding a child

big girls house

craft time!

getting my nails done :)

Every morning, each house does a Bible study circle - and then again in the afternoon - hearing those girls sing songs of worship to our Lord was one of the best moments of my life

Oh my goodness, this little girl was a cutie!  She is 5 years old, living in a house with 27 other 5-9 year olds.  Super sweet!

Reading class - my teammate is a teacher and was AWESOME in guiding this class and helping them out with a plan for the future.

They LOVED selfies!  When I got my phone back from her, I had about 32 selfies from her saying "quesoooooo!"

I made labels for the office

Because office work/organization is my gifting, I helped out in the office

My amazing husband shared his testimony with the kids at church on Wednesday night - to say that I was so proud is an understatement - love his heart for these kids and letting the Lord use his pain and redemption to encourage those kids

be still my heart <3

She had to wear my rainjacket

Telling the small girls goodbye the last morning :-(

back home!

The trip was life changing.  God has been working like crazy in my heart lately and He really confirmed a lot there.  I came back so much more joyful and so much more excited to spend time in His Word.  I pray that I don't let it just be a "mission trip high" but that it sticks.

Kevin and I are reading through the New Testament in 90 days as a part of a reading plan and I've been so blessed by it already.  We're also trying to learn some Spanish with the Duolingo App.

You can sponsor these kids too for $35/month - for more information, go HERE.  I truly know that the money goes to good use here.  You can also send gifts, even if you're not sponsoring a kid.  We're sponsoring a couple, but plan to send gifts to many kids!  They're always in need of hygiene products, clothes, shoes, etc.  They always welcome volunteers as well.  They have rooms for visitors - you just have to coordinate your visit with the staff, but it's so easy and you will be so blessed!  I definitely hope to go back!

Keep these kids in your prayers!  Thankfully they are well provided for, but I'm still reminded that they don't have mommies and daddies tucking them in at night.  I hope that they find Jesus while living there and get to know their Heavenly Father.

Shoot any questions you have my way!  Much love to ya!!


  1. What an incredible trip you both had! I'm so happy that it had such a profound meaning for you - but I already knew that would happen - you two are such kind souls! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. All those sweet little faces. It completely breaks my heart! I'm so glad that they are well taken care of though.

  3. I know I've already said this a thousand times butttttt.... This makes my heart SO HAPPY!!

  4. I love that God didn't big things in your heart - He is so great like that! I love all the pictures! You and Kevin look precious with those kids hugging on y'all! Such a sweet trip and sweet pictures!

  5. Wow! It looks like it was an amazing trip that you will remember and treasure forever! <3

  6. What an amazing trip! So many sweet faces - definitely tugs at the heart strings. Wish we could sponsor a thousand children!


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