Monday, May 4, 2015

Secret...I Love Surveys!

Hey friends!  I hope that you had a great weekend!  Ours was pretty good!

First things first...can I show you what I wasted a lot of time doing on Friday?!  I kept seeing these posts on Facebook from and decided to try it with some of my photos.  Y'all...I was CRACKING myself up all morning!

I'm 32, folks.  I was quite pleased with a few of them!

the hubs is 28...muahahaha!

It really loved Tiffany!

And then it said this...

Haha!  I'm blaming the sunglasses!

So recently, I was tagged by Joey and Mia in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  I have 10 questions to answer and then I'll tag 10 other bloggers with my 10 questions.  Since they each had a different set of questions, I'll pick some from each!  Here we go!

1 // What made you start your blog?

I originally started a different blog just because I wanted to write about our happenings.  I didn't intend for anyone to read it, but as I started reading others blogs (like many of you that are reading now), I really became interested in having a good, read-worthy blog.  I was really enjoying the friendships that I was gaining through it and it's still my favorite part!

2 // What's the one food you could eat forever and never get tired of?

French fries - don't judge!  They're my weakness.

ha...totally laughed when I saw a shirt with this!

3 // Best book you've read in the last 5 years?

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller - You guys, I wouldn't be married to Kevin today if it weren't for this book.  I was in such a weird place and didn't realize how superficial I was about relationships until I read this book.  It helped me to see what a Biblical marriage looks like and what kind of man would be a good husband.  The Lord really spoke to me while reading it which is what made me want to date Kevin.  I'm so grateful for it!

4 // Dream job & why?

Oh man, this is hard!  Something that paid me well, allowed me to travel the world, where I could bring Kevin along and I could help people in need...hence the term "dream" job...because it doesn't exist.  Ha!

5 // Clothes and shoes or make up and nail polish?  Which are you more likely to spend all your money on?

Definitely clothes and shoes.  I do like makeup/nail polish but I don't spend a lot of money on it.  I don't spend a lot on clothes and shoes either, but I always want more cute clothing!

6 // What store do you shop at most (non grocery)?

This is tough too!  Probably my non-grocery happy places - Target and Hobby Lobby.  I also LOVE Nordstrom but mostly do that shopping online.

7 // Biggest pet peeve?

Please don't hate me if you say this!  It drives me BONKERS when people say "I could care less" because the phrase is "I couldn't care less."  If you say it wrong, you're actually saying that you do somewhat care - come on, people!

8 // You have 1 totally free YOU day, what would your day consist of? 

I'd start off with a professional, full body massage, then brunch with girlfriends, then manicures and pedicures, then I'd go to the river/lake/pool with a little coconut rum and Dr. Pepper and a book.

9 // Phone calendar or paper planner?  If paper, which one do you use?

Definitely paper planner.  I don't trust technology.  If I lost it, I might go crazy. Ha!  I have a Plum Paper planner this year and love it!  

10 // Tell me something you love about yourself. 

Honestly...I love that I'm organized.  I feel like I get ridiculed for it a lot, but I really think that it's what helps me succeed - whether it's with work, school, exercise, or home.  I do live by a planner, yet I can be spontaneous as well.  I love making lists and checking off the to-do's.  #sorrynotsorry


No pressure.  Just if you feel like it!  Here are my questions:

1 // What do you feel is your best character trait?
2 // If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
3 // If you could pick a different time period to be born in, what would it be and why?
4 // What is the most challenging part about blogging for you?
5 // Favorite place you've ever visited?
6 // What is your #1 priority in life?
7 // What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?
8 // One thing you would change about yourself if you could at no cost.
9 // Who is your role model?
10 // Tell us about one goal that you are currently striving to achieve.

Have fun!

Don't forget - the monthly favorites link-up is THIS Wednesday!


  1. Thanks for the tag my dear!!! I have totally been craving a professional massage and then I read your post, gah soon!! If only we all could have our dream jobs this world would be a much happier place, and paper planner alllll day!

  2. What a fun post!! Target and Hobby Lobby are my absolute faves too! Your "you day" sounds wonderful!! I totally get your pet peeve -- that drives me crazy too! lol :) Have a beautiful week, sweet friend! xo

  3. Omg it said you all looked like you are in your 50s! That's hilarious...none of you even look older than 30! And what 50-year-old would wear aviators? :D

  4. 50?! What the - clearly that site is broken lol!! Girl after my own heart - french fries are totally my weakness too! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love your answers! Can we please have that day off together like PRONTO? That sounds amazing!

    The pic of you that said 50 totally cracked me up!! And yes, I COULD NOT care less, ha!

  6. Oh how fun!

    Your day off dream sounds amazing. I could go for that day right now! ;)

    1. Ohh!! And that "How old do I look" thing!? It's so ridiculous. How funny that it said y'all were in your 50s! ha!

  7. The sunglasses really add the years on to people! haha. I have Keller's The Reason For God but I haven't read it yet-- The Meaning of Marriage sounds like such a good one too. I would totally be down with your dream job too & fries are definitely one of my weaknesses!

  8. Your "free day" is exactly how I would spend mine!!! :)

  9. So funny that I almost posted mine today! I'm with you on clothes and shoes for sure. I'm must not a makeup girl. And you were so cracking me up on Friday with your pics, haha!

  10. I am afraid to do the what is my age thing!!!

  11. HAHAHAH I'm dying and now going to check out this website RIGHT NOW

  12. Oh my gosh, I've got to do that age thing... wonder what it'll say for me?! YES, Target for the win <3 And I really love your answer on #10. I can totally relate. I'm an organization lover for sure and feel like some people think I'm crazy, but I too know that is what keeps me on track & motivated in all areas. I also enjoy being spontaneous, I'm not someone that freaks out if plans change at all.

  13. I just died laughing at the last one lol!!! Aww you are so sweet - thank you for the nomination!! Can you tell I'm playing catch-up on blog reading? Lol!


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