Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Randomness | The Best Yes Giveaway!

Hey guys!  I hope you've had a fabulous week!  It's been fairly cool here in Texas which has been pretty enjoyable.  I even had to wear a jacket one day - the Sunday before that I had been in the pool.

I've got some random stuff this Friday and an awesome giveaway below so stick around!

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Last weekend, we had a few crazy storms.  It was some of the loudest thunder I've EVER heard.  We woke up on Sunday morning and found two massive branches that had fallen.  They landed right next to my neighbors car.  They were larger than her car so thankfully they didn't land on it!


We attended a local BBQ restaurant's ribbon cutting and ate some darn good BBQ!  We spent the rest of the day roaming around the Canyon Lake area which is super pretty!  I wish we could buy a house out there!


For those of you who haven't seen my Instagram this week, I want to share the little critter we found in our house with you! 

As we laid there watching the Texas Rangers baseball game, we looked down and noticed a gigantic tarantula scurrying across our floor.  We both screamed and said things we've never said before.  Haha!  We finally got him under some Tupperware and put weights over it to keep him there.

I eventually let him free once I got brave enough to pick him up.  They're not poisonous but's a creepy, crawly spider!

Joey, I hope this doesn't scar you for life!


On Tuesday, we went to a minor league baseball game, the San Antonio Missions, and had a blast.  We sure miss being close to the Texas Rangers stadium!


Now for the giveaway!!!  I've joined some awesome bloggers in providing this giveaway that has 3 WINNERS!  Yep, that's right....3 lucky winners will win a copy of the book, The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.  A special thanks goes out to Proverbs 31 Ministries for making this possible!

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  1. I didn't know tarantulas could be in my house! >.<

  2. One of the things I miss most about the south is BBQ!! I would have died to see that spider in my house - absolutely died!! happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ugh. no more spider pics, ha!! ;) Girl, the storms last weekend were nuts!!! One of our neighbors lost their WHOLE tree :(

    Happy Friday friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A TARANTULA was in your HOUSE?! O.o AHHHHHHHH!
    I didn't know we had those in Texas. Now I'm never going to sleep again.

  5. Ummmmmmmm my heart literally just stopped. I thought we had it bad enough with palmetto bugs but seriously???? I would have to move.....immediately ;-) Girl I am proud of you that takes courage!

  6. I would've diiiiied if that spider was in my house. You're brave!!

  7. Eeek! I would have freaked out too! I love that you put weights on the Tupperware! Hahaha!

  8. What a great giveaway, that book is on my reading list! I can't believe that was IN your house!! EEKKKK

  9. WTF a tarantula?!? i saw a black house spider and i freaked out; if i saw a tarantula in my house I WOULD MOVE

  10. So glad those branches didn't do any damage!! Ok, I would have totally freaked out if that spider were in my house!! Ahhh! lol. My Friday five included some delicious BBQ too! Yum! :) Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend! xo

  11. OMG. I cant believe you touched the container with a spider in it! You are BRAVE!

  12. How did I miss that pic on IG!? Thank goodness I did! I would have been in the fetal position cRying. No bueno. I'm not going to be able to get that out of my head!
    Love new BBQ places! Fun!

  13. No no no no no no. No on that spider. Yay for minor league games though!!

  14. I had to scroll so fast past those spider pictures-- I'm impressed you decided to let him go/ pick him up, I can't even kill a normal sized spider so I literally cannot imagine finding something like that in my house! I guess it's good to know they aren't poisonous though :) How fun to go to a new BBQ restaurant and I'm so glad the trees missed your neighbors car!


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