Thursday, May 28, 2015

Losing One of the Greatest Men I've Ever Known

Hey friends!

I apologize for being MIA this week.  Long story short, my hubby's grandfather passed away last Saturday and life has been really tough.  If you haven't read Kevin's story, you can read it HERE.

When Kevin was 16 years old with no family in the picture, no money and lost, he was able to reconnect with his grandfather who had been pushed out of his life by the parents.  Ever since then, his grandpa became his rock, his father, his biggest supporter and an amazing example of what a man should be.

Losing him has been tough and we're in Oklahoma taking care of the funeral arrangements, the estate, etc.  I've never had to go through something like this...while trying to grieve, dealing with the rest of the details.

We would really appreciate your prayers!  It's tough, but we're excited to celebrate such a wonderful man.

One of my favorite memories of him was how much he danced at our wedding.  He danced more than anyone, including us.  I believe the dancing kept him positive and healthy!  I hope that we're like that someday!

He's in Heaven now and hanging out with Jesus.  Say hi to Jesus for us, Grandpa Bill!  We miss you!

I'll be out of town next week for work, but I'm hoping I can post from my hotel room.  Would love any texts from those of you who have my number!  Love you tons, blogging friends!
Friday, May 22, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you've had a good week!  Let's get right to the randomness...


Luci and Riley loved their treats this month!  While Kevin and Riley were out of town, Luci got to try the Greenies Grain-Free Canine Dental Chews.


And she waited for them to come home...

And they came home and we snuggled!


Last weekend, Kevin and I went to the Pearl Farmer's Market in downtown San Antonio and we were quite impressed!  This city has more to offer than we thought!

I had an amazing crepe with bacon, spinach, avocado and cheese.


After the Farmer's Market, I had some good, relaxing time just laying in the yard reading.  It was much needed.


This week, I ordered the Greenling Local Box so I got a bunch of local, organic produce including cabbage and leeks.  I found a recipe for a Beef Cabbage soup that was actually REALLY good!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!  We've got a bunch of random stuff planned and we're looking forward to a break!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Coffee Talk

Hey friends!  Let's pretend that we're meeting at the local coffee probably grab a coffee and I grab a chai tea latte (my favorite!).

source (edited)

I'd tell you what's going on in my heart lately...

I'm exhausted.

I have not been in a good place spiritually for the past year and I'm tired of living like that.  How are you supposed to pursue a relationship with someone when you don't talk to them often and you don't listen to them?  

I feel like I've gotten caught up with the happenings of life that I've let my relationship with Him slip away to where I didn't even feel like reading my Bible.  I've felt so down, have been overly emotional and I know it's not about feelings, but I haven't felt close to Him until lately.

God has clearly spoken to me lately through Scripture, The Best Yes book,  sermons, my hubby, friends and my Bible study that it's taken me a year to finish.  I need to re-prioritize.

I hate admitting this, especially on here, but blogging has caused me some undue stress and I need that to change.  I have put an overwhelming amount of pressure on myself to have a "successful" blog when 1) it's not my source of income 2) I have a demanding full-time job as a CPA 3) I just do it for fun.

I suppose it's in my nature and something that I'm working on, but I have always felt the need to be the best at what I do (haha...I know my blog is nothing near the best but you get it).  I am not able to post every day, yet somehow I hold myself to those standards.  And I sacrifice time with my husband, going to the gym, reading my Bible and downtime just to get a post up sometimes.


I am letting myself free of that pressure.  No, I am not quitting, but I'm taking the pressure off of myself by allowing myself to post when I want and I have time.  I know that I risk losing readers and that makes me sad, but I hope that all of you will stick with me.

In The Best Yes, Lisa Terkeurst says "A woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul."

I don't want an underwhelmed soul anymore.  I need to focus on my relationship with God, my husband, exercising, eating well and relaxing.

Thanks for understanding, friends!  I'll still be posting!  It just may be 3 times in one week and 1 in the next.  I want to enjoy blogging and not see it as an obligation.  And I love you guys too much to quit all together!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Exploring the South Island of New Zealand: Part 2

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope that you had a fantastic weekend!  I'm back to share the rest of my New Zealand trip with you.  Catch up with Part 1 HERE.

I left off with canyoning outside of Queenstown.  After those adventures, we headed towards the Milford Sound.  Here, we went on a 3-day hike called the Milford Track - it's one of the most popular hikes in the world and one of the most beautiful!  It stretches over 53.5 km and you have to stay in their little huts maintained by the Department of Conservation over three nights.  Only 30 (or 40? I can't remember) people can start it a day.  They want to preserve the beauty of the land.

our fun Welsh friends we met on the hike 

and the Welsh guys thought it'd be fun to swim in the ice cold water 

Milford Sound cruise

Next, we drove up the west coast.  We stopped at the Franz Josef Glacier and did the awesome glacier hike!

After the glacier hike, we headed up the coast and made quite a few stops like Punakaki (all of the layered rock).

I hope you've enjoyed my New Zealand photos!  There's one more part left!  We did a wine tour by bike and sailed in the Abel Tasman Bay.  Come back to see photos of those!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!