Friday, April 3, 2015

Oh Hey Friday! Jesus is Risen!

Woo hoo!!!  It's Friday!  I hope you had a great week, friends!

This weekend I may be getting a new car.  Long story short, I don't trust my Nissan Rogue anymore.  It's been a huge pain since I got it just a year and a half ago.  I'm looking at getting a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord because all I want is RELIABLE at this point!

Sunday, well every day actually, I'll be celebrating my Savior's Resurrection!  We don't have any specific plans except for church but I'm excited!

I'll be honest....I really wish I had kids that I could do an Easter egg hunt for, but I may just do one for my doggies.  I'll put little doggie treats in the eggs and hide them around the yard.  Let's see how good of a sniffer they've each got! Haha!

This was a good, random week...


Let's talk food...

I found this Chia Pod in our local grocery store and I was VERY pleased!  The only ingredients are mango, coconut milk and chia seeds.  It's like a super healthy, dairy free yogurt!  The company has all kind of chia products and you can have them shipped.  I'm excited about this discovery!


And food again...

I made this Skinny Shrimp Scampi with spaghetti squash on Wednesday and loved it!  I've been cutting out pasta/bread so this was perfect!  Anything shrimp and I'm sold!


I got some wine from Trader Joe's on Wednesday because I love cooking with a glass of wine in hand.  I had the Cab and loved it!


Angie Smith just released a Bible Study called Seamless and I can't wait to get it!  She has some super cute free iPhone wallpapers on her website too.  


Nordstrom Rack is having its Clear the Rack sale right now!  Extra 25% off clearance!  I might have already made a trip during my lunch break this week!

Have a fabulous weekend, folks!

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  1. You are the cutest!!! I need to see your face again! Happy Friday friend!

  2. That's a great pic of you girly! And yes, sometimes I actually put the wine in my food.....sometimes.
    Have a great weekend and happy Easter!

  3. Such a pretty yellow dress!

    Happy Easter.

    And I agree about the wine.... oh, and using wine for cooking is good, too. ;)

    That doggy Easter egg hunt sounds so so sweet! Take video or post pictures!

  4. That yellow dress is so pretty!! And yay for a new car! We are a honda family and I love having a reliable car. Such a fun idea to hide treats in eggs for your dogs. Love it. Have a great weekend lady!

  5. Hahah – we thought about doing an Easter egg hunt for the pups too!! But really, enjoy celebrating Sunday! That shrimp scampi looks delicious! Yes to cooking with wine in hand! I love that yellow dress – I actually just got a yellow one yesterday – I had been searching for it for so long!

  6. Love Angie Smith. I am in the middle of a study but let me know how that one goes!

  7. So much loveliness and delicious in this post, girl!! Have a beautiful Easter weekend celebrating our risen Savior!! XO

  8. Good to know you’re making a move to buy the car you really need. As for your choice, you couldn’t have chosen better—seeing as you still don’t have kids, a sedan is the perfect fit for you and your beau. With your current vehicle, you’re technically shelling more for performance you might not really need. Thanks for sharing!

    Victoria Robbins @ Diviniti Auto

    1. Hi Victoria! Yeah I ended up going with the Toyota Camry and have been very happy with it for the past 6 months. We may have kids soon though so I'll need something bigger - ha! Funny how those things work out so we'll see what happens!


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