Friday, April 24, 2015

Hey-o!!! It's Friday!

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!

I'll be totally honest, all I do ALL DAY is stare at a computer at work.  I am so exhausted that I can't look at a computer screen much in the evenings.  I want to post more than once or twice a week, but it's just tough right now.

I have so many good post ideas so once I get a little peace from work, I'll write more.  Please bear with me!


About a week ago, I had one of those nights where I just needed to be girly.  I watched Downton Abbey, painted my toenails Essie's Bikini So Teeny and my nails Essie's Marshmallow while drinking some crisp white wine.  It's getting warm so white seemed appropriate.


Kevin bought us these awesome day packs from Eddie Bauer for $11 each!  What a steal!  They start in a little tiny pack and then, almost like a Popple, they turn into an awesome backpack.  I can't wait to use it while hiking!


I've been eagerly waiting to post about our April goodies!  We got the EVO Wild Cravings Herring Formula Dog Treats.  These are high-quality, grain-free treats and um, they're a little fishy smelling but oh my goodness, our dogs LOVE them!

I tried taking a photo of the treat and Riley chomped down on it

Luci eagerly waiting


On the oils front...

I bought this plug-in essential oils diffuser from recently and I'm loving it!  Did you know that most store-bought plug-ins contain formaldehyde???  Yep, that's're putting formaldehyde into the air that you breathe when you plug those in.

That's why I thought this option was the perfect alternative!  You just drop your favorite essential oil on the pads and it slowly diffuses it in to the air.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We'll hopefully be doing one more Fiesta event and then I'll be working some.  Grilling out on Sunday though!

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  1. Your girly night was perfect - I just bought that essie color and I love it!!! I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. $11 shutup? Going to see if they still have it :) Happy Friday friend!!!!!

  3. Our dogs loved the Evo treats, too! is the best.

    Those backpacks are a STEAL! How awesome. Happy hiking!

  4. Your girl night sounds perfect, I love doing that on a Sat night when I'm home ;)

  5. That Essie Marshmallow looks awesome! And I will now be throwing away my old scented plugin... yikes! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  6. Your girly night sounded like perfection!! Wish I could've joined ya! ;) Enjoy your weekend, sweets!! xo

  7. Oh I would love a girly night! That sounds wonderful. And I love your Popple reference. Brings back memories!

  8. Wine, downton, and Essie!? I'm coming over next time! :) Sounds fabulous!

  9. Your night for number one sounds amazing!!!


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