Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Taking Stock | Life Lately

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

I thought it'd be fun to do a Taking Stock post today since I've been a little MIA.  It has been so hard to find time to blog lately, but I hope you haven't forgotten about me.

So let's get to it...

Making: progress with my new job!  I'm enjoying it and feel important.  I'm learning a lot and also feel knowledgeable about what I do know :)

Cooking: butternut squash soup...got a great recipe from the monthly Young Living newsletter.  I can't find a link but this one is similar.  Mine also had apples and onion pureed with the squash.

Drinking: Becker (a Texas Hill Country vineyard) Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon.  It's by far my favorite wine of all time.  If Becker distributes to your grocery store, pick up a bottle (or two)! 

Reading: Ugh...I'm embarrassed to share this one...I'm still reading "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn and have been FOREVER.  I honestly don't love it but I want to know what happens so it's taking me forever to finish.

Wanting: for work to slow down a little.  I've been working overtime and I'm pretty exhausted.

Looking: forward to this weekend with my hubby!  We've got some fun plans kind of Valentine's Day related and some just catching up with friends!

Playing: a lot of Kari Jobe lately...I just love listening to her music!

Wasting: time with Netflix at home sometimes.  You know how it is when work is exhausting and you just wanting to come home and not think?!  That's why I watch Netflix.

Sewing: HA!

Wishing: that I could wake up in the mornings to go to the gym.  Ugh...fail.

Enjoying: getting to see my family often!  I love it!

Waiting: for San Antonio to feel like home.

Liking: that we got a new A/C this week and most importantly, we didn't pay for it!  Ahhhh...the joys of renting!!!

Wondering: what kind of healthy recipes I can start making because I'm REALLY tired of my norm.  Any suggestions??

Loving: my husband. He works so hard and is being patient in this time of getting to know a new place. I know it's tough for him.

Hoping: that summer comes soon because I'm a hot weather girl!!!

Marveling: at how God wraps His arms around me when I feel most lonely.

Needing: some ice cream.  Haha...ok, maybe not needing but it sounds really good right now! (I might have gone to get some after I typed that)

Wearing: my new Stella & Dot earrings!  Love love love them!

Knowing: that I need God.  When I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm lonely, when I'm anything. 

Thinking: about going to Texas de Brazil this Friday!!  Yum!!

Feeling: a little overwhelmed with life right now.  But see two lines above...it reminds me of how much I need God.

I hope you're having a great week!  Love you, blog friends!


  1. Have you tried any zoodles recipes for a different take on pasta? I need for the snow to stop falling - seriously this february is horrible lol! Love this post and might steal it for tomorrow! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Fun post, Kelli! Good to hear what you've been up to, and all your current faves. ;) Love ya oodles, sweet friend! xo

  3. Hey busy gal! God has got some awesome things going on in your life :)

  4. I'm ready for some warm weather too! And gosh I love Kari Jobe <3

  5. You guys and your warm weather. We're dying for snow over here! I think Washington decided to skip winter this year. #annoying
    You have been so busy and I really do hope it slows down a bit. But I'm glad you like your job.

  6. We went to Becker winery in November. It's awesome that they distribute to Texas grocers. We fell in LOVE with Grape Creek wine, but they only sell on site and delivery. We joined their club because we liked it so much. Oops. ;)

  7. Butternut Squash is one of my favorite things to make/eat in the wintertime! How long have you been in San Antonio, Kelli?

  8. I enjoyed reading this update :) always wondering about you! Xoxo!

  9. I loved this update from you! It sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead in the midst of being so busy with everything. Dark Places was hard for me to get into at first too- it took me two times to read it, but the ending was really good- and I was completely surprised.

  10. Butternut squash soup and Kari Jobe in one post?? This is the best post ever! Butternut squash soup is my favorite soup ever! I've never made it myself actually, I should try! Kari Jobe is my go to everyday. If I don't listen to her at least once a day I'm a wreck. She's needed, everyday!

  11. Love this post. So much fun to read! And those earrings are gorgeous!

  12. Love those earrings!!! xoxo :) Girl, I have never even heard of that book! Hope you get some rest this week and have a fun time celebrating this weekend with Kevin!

  13. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that wine. And yes... to hoping that Summer comes soon!!! :)

  14. ya had me at wine! those are the cutest little earrings!! like candy for the ears!!

  15. I've never written a post like this but I've seen so so many of them and they are actually fun to read haha. I'm SUCH a hot weather girl too! Can't wait for swimsuit season

  16. nice post its be so crazy everything day I forgot to reply back when you asked what essential oils I'm using, I use Doterra But open to any good oils. hope all is well and also you should try to make spaghetti squash with your fav sauce.

  17. This is a very interesting post, Kelli! I'm glad that your getting the hand of our job and that you're loving time with your family there too. I'm also looking forward to warmer weather too! It's wonderful how you're feeling God carry you through this transition time. I'm enjoying the Essential Living blog too!


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