Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December Favorites Link Up!!!

Hey friends!  Well, we're back in the swing of things after a good holiday break.  Work is crazy busy right now but should lighten up in a couple weeks.

I feel almost overwhelmed thinking back to December and all of my favorites.  There are so many!  So let's get started!

Don't forget to check out Mia's faves as well!


I mentioned the tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara when I got it in my December Ipsy bag.  Can I just tell you??  I love it!  I'll be buying some more after it's gone.  It's makes my eyelashes so long and full.

So many items in my post today are from my wish list that I made back in December.  Thank you, hubby and family, for getting me so many of the items I wanted!!  

My mom got me the Clarisonic Mia 2 for my birthday and I love it so far!  My face hasn't broken out and seems so clean all the time.  Only issue, and maybe I'm doing something doesn't seem to hold a charge as long as it's supposed to.  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a secret?


I got the navy Kate Spade studs and the white Kendra Scott Elle Drop Earrings and I love them both!

Now for the fun fashion items!!!

I got this awesome Christmas t-shirt from my sister!  Anyone else love Home Alone like we do?!?!

I'm going back to the glory days.  My hubby got me a fanny pack!  I'm going to be just as cool as I was when I was 10 years old!  I know you're jealous!

I'm kind of in love with my crazy leggings!  I got them for $7 at the Fredericksburg Trade Days.


The hubs also got me the exact white robe that I was wanting!  I was pretty surprised!  It is heavenly...SUPER SOFT!!!!

I bought this Starbucks mug for the white elephant gift exchange at my work, but couldn't part with it so I kept it for myself and bought another one for the exchange.  Haha!  I have been drinking coffee in it often!!

Now it's your turn to share your December Favorites!  I'm looking forward to seeing them!

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A Deeper Joy


  1. That shirt and those leggings... I need!! LOL!

  2. Looks like you got some good stuff from Santa this year!! Love those earrings you got and I'm loving my Clarisonic too! And I'm definitely trying out that mascara! I've heard other people say good things about it as well. Have a good day girl!

  3. I love the robe you got - looks so cozy!! That mascara is the best, so happy it was a winner for you!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Gotta love Kendra Scott earrings :) My hubby was the sweetest and bought me a gift card from KS and now I just need to decide what I want :) heheh

  5. Loooove those Kate Spade earrings. I got some black ones and turquoise ones for Christmas and I love them so much.
    Gorgeous mug, too!
    Short soft robes are THE best.

  6. I came across your blog and I instantly fell in love #1 Kelli with and i...I have the same name with the same spelling and no one has that name so I am loving I have an i sister now. LoL

    Love the link up.
    I use my clarisonic 2/3 a week and love it. My charge doesn't stay long either I only get 1/2 uses out of it before charging again.
    Love those earrings I have the teal Kendra ones and want them in all colors.
    Love the leggings too and the mug, I just loved everything lol

  7. I've actually really been wanting either a fanny pack or some kind of pocket belt thing for when I run! The arm bands are usually way too big to fit on my scrawny little arm! We can bring fanny packs back together!!

  8. Ooohh I love that mug, and your new earrings! I got a new robe too, it's from Target but looks very similar. Soooo cozy :) That's odd with the Clarisonic, mine seems to hold charge forever! I use it once a day and I swear I've charged it 4-5 times tops since I got it in May... I have no idea :(

  9. Oh that robe looks cozy. I've never been a big robe fan, but if I were I'd totally get that one.
    And yay for Kendra Scott earrings! We can be KScott twins! :)
    My Clairsonic holds a charge for a long time. You may have to call and get a replacement. Like how long are we talking here?

  10. Love all of this! You look so great in that pic and I'm lovin' the leggings!

  11. I don't blame you for keeping that mug-- it's so pretty! I just added that robe to my wish list, it looks amazingly soft & warm! I've heard so many good things about that mascara- the packaging is so cool too. Also love your home alone tee-- basically love this entire post, haha :)

  12. I love those earrings!!! I may have to try out that mascara... I'm always on the hunt for a good one.

  13. Those earrings are just gorgeous! I might consider exchanging the Clairsonic for another one, because I've had mine for over two years and it still holds it's charge forever!

  14. My mom has been ravinggggg about that tarte mascara!!! And I got those KS earrings for Christmas - love them!!

  15. I have those same Kendra Scott earrings and LOVE them! Seriously, I wear them way too much! I also tried out the Tarte mascara that came in a set that I got for Christmas and it didn't do anything for me :( I should send it your way, ha!

  16. Omg that shirt is hilarious!


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