Friday, December 12, 2014

When blog friends meet up in Seattle...

Happy Friday, my friends!

As you probably already know, I got to hang out with Tiffany from A Touch of Grace this past week which was a blast!  Tiffany and I met through our blogs.  If you had told me a year ago that I'd be meeting a "blog friend", I'd laugh, but it's become a reality and I feel so blessed!

Let me back up a bit...

The first blog friend that I met was Jen from Whimsy At Heart.  She has been such a blessing in my life as I've learned about essential oils through her and developed such a great friendship with her.

And I knew Caroline from In Due Time before I started blogging, but really got to know her better through our blogs.  Since then, we've shopped, gotten pedicures and talked essential oils together!

So my 5 on Friday this week is about my trip to Seattle!  I was there for 5(ish) days so here ya go...


I flew in Wednesday night and Tiffany picked me up from the airport.  We immediately was like hugging a best friend of many years though it was our first time to meet.  It was surreal!


On Thursday, we spent the day walking around downtown Seattle - shopping, Space Needle, Monorail, etc.  Can I just say...I am in love with Seattle!

Starbucks with the Starbucks girl :)

Seattle gum wall

Pike Place Market

best freaking mac-n-cheese I've ever had in my life

original Starbucks

Space Needle

Happy Hour at Palomino

That night we had wine, cheese, crackers, and smoked salmon and played Cards Against Humanity with her hubby and friend.  It was so much fun.



Me and Little A!


Snoqualmie Falls and Wine Tasting in Woodinville


Young Living essential oils party at Tiffany's

Essential oil mimosas!

That night, her hubby made us the best "holiday drinks" ever!  All I can remember is hot chocolate, butterscotch schnapps, peppermint schnapps :)


And I left the next day :( But it was amazing trip!  I'm so grateful for Tiffany and her family hosting me!

saying goodbye

So meeting blog friends in real life isn't as weird as it sounds.  It took me convincing my husband (FOREVER) that Tiffany wasn't a 50 year old man that was going to murder me.

Have a great weekend, friends!!!


  1. You ladies are adorable - glad you had such an unforgettable trip (and those holiday drinks look so amazing!). I'm with you, a year ago I never would have thought "blog friends" were a real thing...but a wonderful brunch with some amazing bloggers back in October changed my mind, and now I love getting to spend time with blogger friends in "real life!" In fact, I just had dinner with one this week (which also made it into my post today, haha!).

  2. Looks like you had so much fun!! The original Starbucks and the gum wall! And of course the Space Needle! So cool!

  3. What a great trip and so amazing how many good friends you've met through blogging!! I have to say I had no idea Seattle had a gum wall...that's interesting and gross at the same time!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. I love love love this!! Such a sweet visit and Seattle looks amazing! Every time I go to meet up with a blog friend the hubs calls out as I'm walking out the door "you're going to be chopped into a million pieces!" haha! That's even after I've met them all before! Blogging husbands!

  5. Those holiday drinks sound amazing! I love this, I have a few blogger friends I would LOVE to meet, including you of course <3

  6. Aw. Loved seeing all these photos. It was so fun to have you up here and show you around Seattle and other parts of WA. Oh the gum wall. So much fun!
    Have a great weekend hun!

  7. Coolest meet-up EVER! Yay for blogger friends and also I am loving your yellow skinnies girl! Happy weekend! xoxo

  8. So glad you guys had a blast! And those holiday drinks look awesome! :)

  9. ahh seattle is SUCH a fun city! i want to visit again soon. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. SO FUN! I would love to go to Seattle, I can't believe I had never been! Can't wait for our meetup!

  11. Meeting blog friends in real life is the BEST. Also I owe you text messages. Sorry life has been so insane.

  12. Imagine my surprise as I'm scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed this morning as see a photos of us!!! What a great way to start the day! It's been such a blessing to meet you and get to know you! I've been looking forward to seeing the photos of you & Tiffany and they show what a wonderful time y'all had together. It looks like you were able to fit so much in during a short time. And, Tiffany's Young Living Class looked like perfection! Way to help share the oily goodness in Washington! I'm looking forward to catching up with you soon. xoxo

  13. Seattle looks so pretty!! I'm adding that to my bucket list of places to travel lol! Yay for bloggy friends turned real life :)

  14. Where is the love button on this post! I like it all! Y'all did so many of the fun Seattle things! I TOTALLY want that drink the hubs made, haha, that looks delish!!! Love all the pictures and so glad you had a blast! Thanks for the shoutout too xoxo

  15. haha The husband thinks I'm a little nuts about my blog friends. lol. Looks like such a fun trip and I'm glad you got to spend time exploring Seattle and meet a blog friend. SO cool. Have a fab weekend lady!

  16. That sounds like the best trip! Seriously so much fun. Glad y'all had a blast.

  17. Haha! Love your last line about her being a 50 year old man trying to murder you - my husband is the exact same way and said something pretty similar when he found out I gave our address to a couple of blogging friends so they could send us Christmas cards ;) Looks like it was a great trip - Leavenworth looks like a dream town!

  18. It looks like you guys had such a great trip! I've never been to Seattle, but this post makes me want to go even more- you got to do/see so much! You guys are both making me want to look into essential oils a little bit more!


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