Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Hey friends!  Thank you for still loving me through this craziness! I know I have not been a great blogger and I apologize.  I haven't been able to keep up with all of my blog reading so I haven't been commenting on all of your blogs.  Please forgive me.  I live with a friend right now, at work we're meeting a September 15 deadline and I'm applying for jobs in San Antonio.  Life will still be crazy for the next few months as we're in transition but eventually it'll slow down.  You friends mean so much to me so thank you for being patient!


I have a confession.  I had never had a macaroon before last weekend!  I know...crazy!  Nina probably can't believe it with all of her macaroon/outfit matching.  Well I went to a local market with my friend last weekend and there was a local bakery there called Bisous Bisous Patisserie that was selling French macaroons.  I got a mix of flavors - caramel apple, salted caramel and chocolate.  OH MY GOODNESS they were amazing!  I had some with a glass of wine that night!


So we moved out of our house last weekend and are now officially without a place to call home.  My sweet friend is letting me stay with her and the hubs is spending time with his grandpa.  I miss him a ton!  I will's been kind of fun to be girly, manicures, late night talks, etc.

We had to take some "last photos" of the house that we'll always remember as our first home as a married couple!  It was sad though we're excited about the future!

And HOW did we fill this thing up even after giving away and selling a bunch of stuff!  We are motivated to get rid of even more now!!


Last Friday, I got to hang out with my friends that I introduced that later got married and have a sweet little girl now.  We got burgers from my favorite burger place in town - Twisted Root Burger Co.  AMAZING!  They have adult milkshakes so I had to try one!  It was butterscotch schnapps with vanilla ice cream - I don't think I can explain how amazing it was!


So apparently I win things in twos!!!  A couple weeks ago, I won Lily's Blogiversary Giveaway!  It was a ton of makeup/facial products in a cute Clique makeup bag.  I was so excited to win!

I think Lily has convinced me to like red lipstick after trying that Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie.  Can you believe it?!  I'm so not a red lipstick person and I love this!  I talked about it in my August Favorites.  

Something else I talked about in my August Faves was the NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee.  LOVE!

I've also tried the Sation Nail Lacquer and Simple Cleansing Wipes and like both of them! I have the pink nail polish on my toes now.  I can't wait to try the other stuff.

THEN, I won Jaelan's eShakti giveaway!  Woo hoo!  Lucky streak! I haven't ordered anything yet with my credit but need to get on it!  I really need some better work clothes.  New job soon!!!  Here is the eShakti dress that I reviewed on Monday...


While the hubby was away this week, I got some awesome girl time!  It was pretty fun!

I went to a farmer's market, Whole Foods and Sam's with Sonja...

Y'all, I am going to miss her so much when I move!  We met in our newly wed small group and we've gotten close fast!

I did manicures with my friend, Laura, and her sweet friend...

Thank you everyone for helping me pick my color on Instagram!  I'm going to miss Laura!

And I also went to a friend's house for dinner this week but I forgot to take photos.  She made us biscuits and gravy....breakfast for dinner!  Yum!!!  I'm going to miss her and her husband a ton too!

This hanging out with friends thing is making the move harder!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. I love how you're being intentional about enjoying this busy season in your life with friends! And, again, I had an awesome time at lunch with you yesterday. :) I'll miss you living nearby, but already look forward to catching up when y'all visit!!

  2. Happy Friday girl! Pshhh do not apologize - you are living life! Confession: I've NEVER had a macaroon before. Like never ever never lol! I love that you're getting to do lots of girl time and enjoy the moments while they're here. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Having some girl time sounds like so much fun! Even though I would miss my hubs like crazy, I definitely miss those good old days with my girls too! Have a great weekend lady!

  4. lovely post!

  5. San Antonio?! What an awesome adventure!
    That milkshake looks delicious. I need to try an adult milkshake.
    I'm so glad you won my giveaway (there's another on the blog today, and it's super easy to join!)
    Love the color you chose for your nails! How fun!

  6. LOOOVE your mani!!!! Beautiful friend! Sounds like a great week with friends - twisted root and manis - love that! Way to win 2 giveaways! That rocks!!!!! We need to figure out how to see each other!!!

  7. You and me both missing the hubs! Looks like a fun time (girly) with your friend though! Good luck with everything coming up too! hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend pretty lady!! xoxo

  8. Love the mani color and everything girly about this post!! Looks like you're having a blast with all the girl time, who wouldn't? Enjoy yourself!

  9. it bad that I literally got heart palpitations seeing that milkshake drink. Like seriously, giddy feeling in my belly. I have issues, obviously. But it looks amazing! Put it on the list of places for us to go to when I come visit. :)
    And yes to French macaroons!!! They are the best! And wine too of course. :)
    Glad you're getting to spend some time with friends before you guys move.

    Have fun tonight hun!

  10. You ARE on a winning streak!! Love your mani choice and that milkshake, OH MY GOSH!! One day I will get to try a macaron, one day :(

  11. Oh girl...I can only imagine all the craziness with the move!! We felt the same way when we left our first "married" home. It's the only house I actually took pics of after all our stuff was out of it! It just made my heart so sad! Ha, now? We move so freaking often I'm like "alright let's do this" and never look back. Sigh. I'm glad you're getting some girl time in--but I'm sure you miss the hubs! Fingers crossed everything works out!!

  12. Girl time is so fun! I've never had a macaroon either...They look good, I've just never had one! Hope your transition goes smoothly! :)

  13. I've never had a macaroon...they look yummy!! Looks like you had some great girl time, that's always fun. Glad you are enjoying your goodies!
    Hope you can find a job soon and that everything goes smoothly!

  14. Oh wow, luck is on your side this week - a giveaway win is always such a treat!

  15. Looks like your week was full of deliciousness! Mmmmmmm! And I'm envious of your big winning streak - maybe you should go buy a lotto ticket?! :)

  16. How cool you get to stay with your friend! I'm not a fan of macaroons.. don't hate me haha

  17. That adult milkshake looks amazing!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. I love Twisted Root! Opted for the classic beer last time I went there but I'll have to try that milkshake next time I head that way!

    And it will be hard but it sounds like a great move for you! And you can always go back and visit :) Thinking about you all.

    XO Chloe

  19. Isn't it crazy how much stuff you realize you have when you move??! I understand the craziness :) :)

  20. Well that's a lot of winning in a short time span! How cool! I took some of those "last photos" of our first home--it's kinda crazy when you think about a place that has been a home to you and never ever seeing the inside of it again...weird...

  21. I love the mani color! and good luck moving, it seems like a lot now, but it will be so worth it to finally get to the place you are going! That sad face in front of your house with your hubs is so cute and funny!

    1. Thank you Kelly! Yep, I just have to keep reminding myself of that because it's hard to not be super sad about leaving my friends. Haha yeah!

  22. I'm stunned you've never had a macaroon before! We have a great patissarie here in Edmonton and they make the BEST macaroons.

    Very nice manicure colour! I love it. I need to stop chewing my nails so I can have pretty fingernails too.

    Moving can bring such mixed emotions... you're on to other things now. How exciting.

    That's some pretty nice swag you won. Awesome!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  23. I've never had a macaroon before either! Our town is not fancy enough to sell them anywhere, and it was a big fail when I tried to make them myself, haha :)
    Aren't those Revlon lip butters amazing!?

  24. I had my first macaroon earlier this year and I totally agree - delicious! I couldn't believe the price tag, but they were worth it for a once-in-a-while treat. Glad to have found your blog!


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