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{Guest Post} How To Tangibly Support Friends in Times of Need

Happy Friday!!!  Today is my first full day in Hawaii so I'm probably sitting on the beach having a Mai Tai right now.  While I'm gone, some of my lovely blog friends are going to be posting here at A Deeper Joy and I'm so happy to have them.  We're starting off with my dear friend Cassie from Sage.  If you don't know her, GO CHECK HER OUT NOW!  Her faith blows my socks off.  I love her story about coming to know Jesus!  It's what first intrigued me when I starting reading her blog.  I know you'll love it too!

Hello lovely friends. I am so excited to be here with you all today while Kelli is off enjoying her MUCH deserved vacation! My name is Cassie and I blog over at Sage where I ramble about life as a newlywed, my faith, and lots of the in between! I have a passion for community and fitness. If you follow my Instagram you will also notice I am totally a crazy cat lady and I AM NOT ASHAMED. I hope you will stop by and say hello or connect with me on social media!

Cassie Sage the Blog

I mentioned that I have a love for community. Our church does what are called "missional communities" each week where we gather around a meal and live out the gospel together. Recently, a couple from our missional community (or MC) has been going through a really hard time. I immediately began to pray for them. However, do you ever feel like prayer isn't enough? Like you should also be moving in their lives instead of just expecting God to? I'm completely guilty of this. So, in praying for them, I began to ask God how I could tangibly support and encourage them during this trying time. While praying this prayer, I began to wonder how many other people also wonder how they might be able to support their friends in tangible ways during times of need. With that in mind, I have created a list of ten ways to provide tangible support.

1. Send a card, text, or e-mail. Sometimes people can have a hard time letting others help (I know I do). Sending something simple like a card, text, or e-mail to let the person know you are thinking of them and praying for them is a simple way to bring some light into their day. ASK them how you can tangibly help, send them an encouraging verse, a funny photo, or tell them how much you miss them! Sometimes they just need to be reminded that people care.

2. Send a care package. Often times self-care is low on the list of priorities when life gets crazy. Send a care package with a thoughtful note, new nail polish, or a good book you read recently. You can also nominate you friend for Happy Heart Box, a great service created to simply remind those in need how much they are loved, valued, and cared for by the Lord.

3. Treat them to a pedicure. I mean, you ladies know how quickly a pedicure can make you feel refreshed and confident. Doesn't everyone just deserve to feel like this every once and a while?

4. Bring them a meal. My church uses a website called Take Them A Meal to create food rotations for new mothers, people struggling with their health, or just because we want to show them we love them. It can be a great way to help as everyone needs to eat and often times during hard times, cooking and eating can be the last thing on someone's mind.

5. Grocery shop for them. Similar to above, having food in the house can be someone's last priority when they are really struggling. Simply running to the grocery store for them, or picking up a few things while shopping for yourself can be an immense help.

6. Give them a hug. Sometimes there are no right words to say in a situation and sometimes all anyone really needs is a hug anyways.

7. Take them out for coffee or drinks. Get them OUT of the house. Distraction can be one of the best things for someone that is really struggling. Offer to talk to them about what is going on or simply just listen. Make sure to let them know that if they don't want to talk about it that is perfectly OK too.

8. Offer to watch their children. Trying times can be exhausting and I can imagine even more so when you have little people that depend on you. Give your friend a break and offer to take the kids for a day or stay after they are put down for bed so that they do not have to worry about it. Give them some time to take care of themselves.

9. Pray with them. There's something about others praying over you that can bring light to even the darkest of days. Be intentional about making time to pray with them.

10.  Be consistent. Don't just drop a care package and assume it made all of their problems away. Continue being intentional about checking up on them and asking if you can do anything else for them.

Would you add anything to this list? I'd love for you to leave suggestions in the comments.

A huge thank you to Kelli for having me today. I hope this encourages you to go seek out your friends that might really need you and provide some tangible support!

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  1. This is really great - friends so often have the best intentions, but don't quite know what exactly to do to help when another friend is struggling. I always like to send cards - it's not pushy because it doesn't require an immediate response, but it lets someone know that you're thinking of them.

    1. Oh yes, cards are great! I always think to send an email first but cards are so much more tangible!

  2. I love Cassie! This is a really amazing guest post. :)

  3. I love these ideas!! Definitely going to check out her blog now. Enjoy your mai tai Kelli!

  4. Great post Cassie!! These are all such great ideas that we can use! I love sending snail mail!!!!

    1. Thanks Caroline! And YES I think getting something in the mail can brighten anyone's day!!!

  5. These are all wonderful tip. Grocery shopping for someone is a great idea!

  6. These are such wonderful are lovely suggestions! I love to surprise my friends with a coffee treat or an offer to babysit. I think it does mean a lot. Prayer is never to be forgotten too.

    Such a pleasure to read this - thank you!

  7. Such a beautiful post. Love all of the ideas, thank you so much for sharing. We do take them a meal at our church at it is so amazing to just get to spend that time with them, pray and hear their hearts.

  8. I really wonder sometimes how people without a church community deal with tough situations. Even something as simple as a meal goes such a long way. We do that at our church as well. Something that I need to get better at is sending cards of encouragement...I have received those in the past and they mean so much!

  9. Cassie you are awesome. I am a comforter and I am the same way, I feel like prayer is not enough sometimes. While in faith it is, but I always want to do something extra. These are awesome ideas!

  10. Tangibly is the key word here. What a great post! So useful for so many of us.


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