Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{Guest Post} Blogging, the real story..

Hey friends!  Today I have Kayla from Mississippi Mrs on the blog!  I've gotten to know Kayla through a Bible study that we're doing together and I just love her heart.  She's so passionate and loving.  Hope you enjoy her post!  Check out her blog as well!

Hi! I'm Kayla and I blog over at Mississippi Mrs.  I'm so thrilled that Kelli let me take over her blog today, so I'll try not to disappoint her!  If you've never been to my blog, then I write about my daily life as Brian's wife, random events in our life, and throw in a recipe and DIY every so often.  Oh, and I am addicted to coffee. 

So, blogging.  This can be a topic all in itself, right?


I've worked up a list of the Pro/Con of this beloved blog world.  All opinions are my own, of course.

+ friendships.  This is my far my favorite aspect of blogging.  There are several ladies that I email / text with on a daily basis. 
+ networking. This applies much like friendships, but I am speaking more brand directed with this point.
+ inspiration.  Almost daily I see a cute DIY or recipe that I had to my ever-growing "to do" list!

Blogging is such a great way to keep up with friends / family or just make new friends!  It can allow a creative outlet to form and great friendships develop.  Keep a positive attitude and the blogging world will be YOUR friend back.

- time-consuming.  Blogging takes a lot of time, if you are a serious blogger. 
- stressful. Staying on your A game and up to date with the latest trends can, in fact, be overwhelming.
- addictive.  While reading blogs for fun can happen, sometimes we as humans get too consumed with "everyone else" in life and miss out on our own great moments.

Staying at the top of the "best bloggers" list isn't in my cards, but it is so many.  These people end up failing because they aren't being true to themselves.  Write honestly.  Speak freely.  But if you miss a day or are having writer's block, don't stress.  It's just a blog and I promise it will be there later when you are feeling more creative. 

What are some of your pros/cons of the blogging world? I would love to hear!


  1. Pros and cons for sure. I had no idea how time consuming it would be when I first started and I also had no idea the amount of awesome friends I would make :)

  2. I really enjoy blogging- it's a fun way for me to be creative visually and verbally, and the friendships are great. But yes, the TIME.

  3. Very true, all of them. It is definitely time consuming. I tell my hubby I could make a full time job out of this if I just had the time. :)
    Friendships are the best!

  4. The friendships that developed were a happy surprise for me :)

  5. Agree with all of these! For me, the pros most certainly out weigh the cons :) :)

  6. I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons!! I do LOVE meeting new people, but it's the time commitment that is hard for me ;)


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