Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Euro Trip: Germany

It has been AGES since I did a travel post!  I have so many trips that I still want to share with you.  Today I'll continue with the study abroad trip that I took in college to Europe.  You can catch up on my Euro Trip posts here:

Next up....Germany!  Summer 2004.  On our way to Munich, we stopped at the Neuschwanstein Castle.  Two fun facts about this castle:

1 // Walt Disney based Cinderella's Castle on the Neuschwanstein Castle.

2 // Tiffany at A Touch of Grace got engaged there!

Then we headed to Munich for some sight-seeing...

German beer at the Hofbrau Haus...

We might have had too much fun at the laundromat...

This was really tough for me...I couldn't make it through the whole thing.

And because it was a study abroad trip, we did a tour at the largest BMW manufacturing facility in the world and had to write a paper about it.

Thanks for joining me on that little walk down memory lane!


  1. I love that you are busting out old travel pictures! So fun! I LOVE Neuschwanstein Castle!! I didn't know Tiffany got engaged there - way too fun!

  2. I love all these pictures! I went to Germany in high school and wish I remembered more of the trip-- all of my photos got cut up and put into a scrapbook. That castle looks amazing, that is one place I didn't visit and I had no idea Tiffany got engaged there-- that is awesome! I did visit Dachau, and you're right, it was so difficult to see.

  3. Your trip to germany was so much better than mine - I love the little country towns instead of the big cities!! Looks like you had a great time and touring BMW is pretty cool!

  4. I love reading your travel posts. Laughed out loud at the laundromat pic!

  5. That is so so so cool!! I couldn't have made it through the concentration camp. I would've been a major sob fest. Loved seeing all the pictures!

  6. I HAVE MISSED THESE POSTS. I'm so sad I never made it to Germany while I was in Europe but I love living vicariously through you!

  7. Yay for another travel post! Of course this was one of my faves. :) Brings back such awesome memories. Love Neuschwanstein Castle, for obvious reasons. :)
    That dang glockenspiel still freaks me out! I don't like it....too lifelike, ha! Oh the May pole! We had just missed May Day when we went, by like 2 days.
    We went to Dachau as well and it was heart wrenching. Just unbelievable.
    Thanks for sharing hun!

  8. Great pictures! I'd love to go to Germany someday and that castle! Looks amazing. Love that you are breaking out old travel pics. I might have to do the same. :)

  9. Hi Kelli :) ... saw your blog on #Blirthday bash Deliberate mom. 'Hope to "chat & hang out" lol. Great site! Awesome pics. I will follow you on Pinterest, Bloglovin & Twitter too. I just started my first blog last month. You can follow me too if ya can. Have a great day! Cindy from

  10. I love this, Kelli! The pictures are beautiful, I'd love to travel outside of the US!

  11. Ah! I missed this one somehow.

    That beer! I love that they serve them in such huge glasses! Those Germans do like their beer warm.

    How amazing that Tiffany got engaged at that castle!!!


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