Monday, August 25, 2014

Tiffany's bracelet?! Why, thank you!

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One day last week, I came home and this was sitting on the countertop waiting for me...

Ummm...yes, please...

So my hubby's company gives them a 5-year gift and let's them choose from a long list of gifts.  My hubby is super sweet and instead of getting something for himself (they had all kinds of manly gifts too), he chose to pick something out for me!  What a sweetheart!

Let me tell you this...I am not a huge bracelet person because 1) they tend to drive me nuts if they're big and hit things and 2) I have unusually small wrists so most are too big on me.

But I LOVE this Tiffany Infinity Bracelet!!!

It fits perfectly and is so light that I don't feel it.  Isn't my hubby the best?!

Now onto something totally unrelated - my sweet blog friend, Lily, nominated me for the "My Writing Process" Tour.  Lily is a fellow Texan and blogs about all things makeup while being a nurse.  I'm pretty impressed!  And I have so much to learn from her about makeup!

I also just won her givewaway and I'm SUPER pumped to get it!!!  I'll definitely be posting about it in the future!

Onto my questions...

1 // What am I working on?

Honestly, with life being so crazy lately, I am writing posts as I can find time.  I'm working on some more travel posts - those are my favorite to share but require time to find the perfect photos!

2 // How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Mine is different from others because it's MINE!  I'm not a master cook or beauty guru but I love sharing what I do know and most importantly, I love sharing about my faith in God.  It's my lifeblood, why I'm on this earth!

3 // Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do about God because I'm so passionate about Him and His love.  I pray that He speaks to others through my blog and that I would use it for His good. I also blog about other stuff because I just love reading about those things on others' blogs! I write about what I like to read!

4 // How does your writing process work?

Let's be real here.  I'm a full-time CPA and a newlywed!  I don't really have a ton of time for hobbies but I've found that I really and truly LOVE blogging. I love the friendships that I've made through it and love having a creative outlet - something I most certainly don't get at work.

I'm not able to schedule certain times to work on posts.  I just do as I have time, in the evenings after work (if I feel like being on a computer again) or on the weekends.  My favorite thing to do is write multiple posts on a Sunday afternoon and have them scheduled for the week.

To continue the tour, I nominate the following lovely ladies...

Julie From Homegrown State of Mind - Julie has a fairly new blog but OMG, it's amazing!  You'd think that girl has been blogging all of her life.  She is super healthy and follows the Paleo way of eating so I learn a lot from her!

Brittany from Perpetually Daydreaming - Brittany is also a newlywed!  I love Brittany's fashion and she always has great tips on makeup.  She also has an awesome Etsy shop that you should check out!

Kendra from Kenji Is Here - Kendra has become one of my dear friends over the past few months.  We're doing a Bible study with Kayla and I'm just loving getting to know her even better through it!  She has such a mature, sweet heart for God and a love for life that is contagious!

Have a lovely week, my friends!!


  1. Gorgeous bracelet, and super thoughtful of your hubby! :)

  2. beautiful bracelet!! xo jillian - stop by, im hosting a great giveaway at cornflake dreams

  3. That bracelet is gorgeous - your hubby is such a sweetie!! I totally hear you on #4. Sometimes between being married and working there are just not enough hours in the day. I try to do the same technique - writing out multiple posts in one sitting, if I can. I just don't take myself (or my blog) too seriously, and I think that helps keep the pressure down when things heat up at work and I just don't have a lot of time to blog. :)

  4. Gorgeous bracelet!! How sweet is your hubby for giving you his "5 year" gift?! :) Have a great week, girl!

  5. Aww thanks for all the love!! How sweet of your hubs to get you a present instead of himself!! And score that it's an awesome Tiffany's bracelet! I have the same problem with bracelets - small wrists here too. So pretty though!

  6. I love what you write and I love that your husband got you that and surprised you with it.Love. Love.

  7. How thoughtful! Our processes are definitely similar!

  8. Awwww, what a sweet hubby you have! I love the bracelet!

    Loved reading about your blogging process. It's interesting to see how others balance things.

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely day.

  9. Not many things in life NEVER disappoint, but that little blue box? Always a win! So beautiful :)

  10. I need to work on this 'I write posts on Sundays thing' - that seems to work for so many people!!! It's always interesting to me to see how people approach blogging :) Love your bracelet - how sweet of your husband!

  11. That is so sweet of your hubby, love that and love the bracelet! You know I love your blog, you do a wonderful job! It's so awesome when free time exists and we get to write a few posts for the week, love the accomplished feeling haha

  12. Major points for your husband!! How sweet and thoughtful of him!

  13. Helllurrrr pretty bracelet!! Your husband is so so sweet!

  14. Aww! i love that he picked something for you--and what a pretty delicate bracelet!

  15. What a sweet husband of yours!! And the bracelet is just gorgeous and perfect!!
    Thank you so much for taking time to continue on the tour!
    Your prize should arrive today, so keep an eye out!! Woot woot! :)

  16. I do love that bracelet. He made a good choice. :)
    I'm excited to see more travel posts. I know it's been hard to find time for them lately.

  17. Oh my goodness, your husband is just too sweet!

  18. What a gorgeous bracelet!! Lucky girl :)

  19. Girlfriend, you've got yourself a catch...!! So sweet that he picked out a bracelet for you - I'm not huge on bracelets either, but my hubby bought me one a year ago, and even though I hardly ever wear it, it is one of my favorite gifts because there was just so much thought behind it. And I love that he got this for you as a result of him working - very much a servant's heart :) :)

  20. WOW!!!! How beautiful. so sweet and thoughtful. He's a keeper.

  21. I LOVE that bracelet - and how thoughtful and sweet! :) I loved your answers re: why you blog, it really resonated with me this week. Hope you have an awesome Labor Day Weekend, K!

    1. Aww I'm so glad, Lauren!! I hope your weekend was great and that this one is going well!!

  22. That bracelet is gorgeous...way to go hubs!! Also thank you for the shout out! I did get your email on this and I most likely will be participating..It'll be good for me to schedule the post. I hear you on the busy schedule!


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