Monday, July 7, 2014

What I Accomplished In My 20's

So I've been thinking...I've been out of my 20's for a year and a half now.

Sometimes I have a heart to heart with God about why He's chosen this timing for me and my life and He reminds me that He's got a plan.  He is in control and there is so much good that does and is going to come out of my life story.

I wasn't always okay with this plan.  To be honest, I always thought I'd be married by 25 and start having kids by 28 which would put me with a 3 year-old right now (like a lot of my friends).  But here I am, I got married at 30 and am 31 with no children yet.  I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend and I'm so glad that God made me wait for him.  I know he has a plan for our future children too.

I wanted to go back and remind myself of the awesome things that I got to do in my 20's.  This helps me to appreciate what the Lord has done in my life so that I don't get upset about not having children yet.  He is so faithful and gives us the desires of our heart if we are pursuing His will.  I pray that when my ungrateful attitude appears, He would remind me of His amazing provision.  HE is enough.

Let's pretend like I'm turning 30 right now and that I'm looking back on my 20's.  Here are some fun things that I got to do back ye olden days...

{ONE}  Buy and sell my own condo

{TWO}  Participate in two mission trips to Brazil

{THREE}  Participate in a mission trip to China and Thailand

{FOUR}  Contribute to my retirement

{FIVE}  Volunteer with two organizations that help women out of the sex industry

{SIX}  Go to dinner/happy hour with friends often

{SEVEN}  Travel around New Zealand for 2.5 weeks with two girlfriends

I so cannot wait to share all of these photos with you!

{EIGHT}  Learn how to cook

recipe HERE

{NINE}  Get my CPA license

{TEN}  Go to Japan with a friend

{ELEVEN}  Go to the Netherlands & Belgium to visit my Brazilian friend :)

{TWELVE}  Take a long, relaxing bath anytime I wanted

{THIRTEEN}  Shop anytime I wanted

{FOURTEEN}  Go to counseling

{FIFTEEN}  Go on a trip to Mexico with a friend I met at the gym and have crazy stories to tell when we got back

Lens was foggy - but otherwise, I probably wouldn't have posted a photo of me in my swimsuit!

{SIXTEEN}  Apply to be on the Amazing Race - obviously I wasn't selected but Haley and I had fun making our application video in Colorado on a random weekend

If ya need a good laugh today...

{SEVENTEEN}  Do youth ministry and take the kids on a mission trip to New Orleans

{EIGHTEEN}  Make friends from all over the world, stay in contact with them and visit them!

{NINETEEN}  Lead small group Bible studies in my singles group at church, the youth ministry and my women's Bible study group

{TWENTY}  Go see my family in the hill country anytime I want!

Wow!  I really needed that! Thank you, God, for everything you allowed me to do in my 20's!  I'm so grateful!  Help me to remember these things when I get down and compare my story to others'!

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  1. HAHAHA oh my gosh I just want to be your real life friend even more now after watching that amazing race video. Love all of this- so glad you have something positive about your 20s to look back on (BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME) even if it wasn't according to your plan! ;)

  2. I think you may know how much I LOVE this post! God's plan is the best plan. Sometimes we get to see it and sometimes we don't. So glad you were able to reflect and see what he did in your twenties

  3. This post is so awesome! Isn't amazing when we reflect on everything God has done for us?! I turn 40 in December... I think I'll start working on the "what I accomplished in my 40s post". It's always good to reflect and be thankful.

    Loved your audition video - it's so cool when I get to see my blogging buddies on video.

    Wishing you a blessed week.

    1. Ooops... "what I accomplished in my 30's post". I obviously need another coffee to get my brain working this morning!

  4. How fun! You've done so much with your life already, and now you get to do so much more!

  5. Girl you have done so much - you are exactly where you are supposed to be and I can't even get over all the people that you've touched and helped along the way!

  6. You have definitely accomplished so much! What amazing memories to look back on!

  7. Holy smokes - we need to talk traveling girl!! Seriously, haha!!!! What an amazing decade! Seriously! Love that you applied to the amazing race too - that is awesome! And, love your hand motion in your brazil mission trip picture ;) Sic 'em!

  8. Dang girl, you ARE adventurous - just like your cute video said! You accomplished soo much in your 20's, good for you!!! What an inspiration :)

  9. Love this! You have already lived a fully life girlfriend! Love the video and now I actually know what you sound like, ha! :)

  10. You accomplished soooo sooo many great things in your 20s. You should be very proud!

  11. Aw I love this girl, you sure accomplished a lot of amazing things in your 20's! I can't wait to watch that video when I have sound :)


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