Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Than A Paycheck

Hey friends!  Today I'm guest posting over at Lauren's blog, Bound by Love!  I'm talking about how your job is your ministry no matter what you do.  Head on over and check it out!  Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Just by reading the post title, I know it will resonate with me today.... and I need it!

  2. love this because it is so true even if you aren't a missionary serving overseas you can be a missionary at your place of work, God can use you wherever you are at

  3. I didn't know where to comment, so I'm commenting on this one too. I loved this post. I struggled with this at my job for a long time. I was the newbie and the only Christian. I didn't know how to approach work. When I finally nudged my way to acceptance and out of the newbie stage I opened up more about being a Christian and would read my Bible daily at my desk. All my co-workers were so accepting of this. It come to be comforting because they would all come to me when they needed prayer. I still have to remind myself daily that I am the example. It's not easy at all, but thank you thank you for this post. It was such a great reminder.

  4. LOVED your post - such a great reminder that no matter our profession, we really are working for the Lord!

  5. Just based upon the title of this post, I know I'll love it!

    Headed over now!


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