Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be Still...

I have been overwhelmed with God's love lately in a new way.

I have found myself anxious, nervous, hopeful, excited, exhausted and joyful all at the same time.  Not knowing what my future holds can be so scary, but I'm choosing to rest in Him.  He has ALWAYS come through for me in the past, so I rest in that assurance - He wants the best for me, according to His will. He doesn't expect me to "perform", just trust Him.

Here is one of my favorite things about God - He will always meet you WHERE YOU ARE.  You don't have to be at a super high spiritual point, walking with Him consistently and reading your Bible every day for Him to be with you (though those things are certainly beneficial!).  He wants to walk alongside of you regardless of your situation...exactly where you are!

I find SO much hope in this verse...

How can you BE STILL today and let Him fight for you?

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  1. I feel you- I think I struggle with being still in relation to contentment. I have to constantly remind myself of truth!

  2. I love that He meets us. He comes to us in the struggle and walks with us out of it.

  3. Love this Kelli! I am not good at being still, but this is a great reminder.

  4. i feel like if we read each other's journals they would say the same thing

  5. Yes!!! I am reading through the Old Testament and loved reading through Exodus. So thankful he fights the battles FOR us!

  6. Amen, sister!! I love when He meets us where we are and how most of the time we don't even expect it. His love is the best... thanks for linking up!!

  7. I love this my friend. I need to be still more often. Lately my heart has been longing for uninterrupted time with God. My schedule (and the children) haven't been cooperating as much lately.

    However, as you said, God meets us where we are. even if my time with Him takes the form of a bit of Bible reading in the morning and praise & worship with the kids... He understands.

    Blessings to you my friend.

  8. YES, that is so true. .. I still have bad days but my health is better then it was last year at this time.......hope all is well with you


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