Friday, July 4, 2014

5 on Friday! How is it July Already?!

The 5 on Friday link-up is taking a break during the summer, but I will continue!  I've come to love it and look forward to it every week!

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I got something on my wish list, folks!  My sweet hubby let me know AS SOON as Bed Bath & Beyond cut the Nutribullet price!  The basic one is only $89.99 now so grab your 20% off coupon and get your booty down there if you don't have one.  We also had some store credit from our wedding registry so we barely paid anything!

And this is reeealllly weird, but I made a smoothie yesterday and used the exact same ingredients that I normally do (frozen banana, frozen berries, fresh strawberries, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds and unsweetened vanilla almond milk) and it legitimately tasted better...sounds dumb, I know...I don't get it! Mental thing maybe?!  I do know it was a billion times blended better than the cheap one I was using!


On Monday, I just needed a drink after work.  We went to Razzoo's (cajun food) for happy hour and it totally made me feel better!  Half prices appetizers (that we eat for meals) and cheap drinks!

I'm not ashamed...the crawfish fondue was AMAZING!


We received a frame with this cute printable during our wedding from some friends and love it but the frame color just didn't go in our house.  I broke out the ole acrylic paints this week and painted it black!  Now it totally goes in our home!  Easy DIY!


A couple yummy meals I made this week...

1 // Jalapeno Popper Chicken by Add A Pinch - delicious!  Yeah I know it's not the healthiest, but it was stinkin' amazing!

2 // Mushroom Ravioli with a Marsala Wine Sauce - I used frozen ravioli from the grocery store and made my own sauce using THIS recipe.  My hubby's not big on mushrooms but I am and I thought it was great!


I hope that everyone has a fantastic July 4th holiday weekend!!!  Remember to celebrate our country's freedom and if you need some amazing 4th of July Treats, check out Lisa's recipes now!  They are to die for!


  1. I think I need that frame! Too Cute!! Happy 4th friend xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing my recipes, girlfriend!!! Happy 4th to you!

    And I may just have to treat myself to a shiny new nutribullet this weekend... It's been on my wish list for awhile!!

  3. I love all of this. The nutribullet is amazing, I am so glad you got it. I think it blends everything better, so I don't think you're going too crazy! Hope you had an excellent fourth!

  4. That jalapeno popper chicken looks AMAZING! Some nights it just feels good to have comfort food, all healthiness aside!

  5. I am totally going to make that jalapeno popper chicken. That looks DELICIOUS.


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