Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Favorites/Least Favorites

I know we're 5 days into the month of June, but after seeing Mia's post on her May favorites, I just had to do one of my own!  I picked 4 categories and I'll share my favorite and least favorite in each of those for the month of May.



LOVE this summer color!  I'm just obsessed with this color for anything this year!

I've used this Elf eyeliner for a couple years now and I finally decided that I don't like it.  It tends to give me raccoon-eyes by the end of the day and smudges easily.  I need to find a better eyeliner for sure.


I've been experimenting with these three essential oils for the past few weeks and so far I love them!  I've stopped taking my allergy medicine every day which is huge progress for me.  I never take medicine for headaches either - peppermint does the trick.  There will be more posts to come about essential oils!


I'm on the search for a good, natural aluminum-free deodorant.  I've tried Tom's a couple of times and it just doesn't work for me.  I have a recipe for a homemade deodorant that I think I'll try next.  Have any of you had success with a different natural deodorant?


I raved about these shorts before and am still in love with them (they're on sale right now too)!  I also bought this super cute skirt from Target and adore it.  I love new prints!


I feel like saying "least favorite" is kind of harsh for these jeans.  I actually love the way they look, I just super screwed up the first time that I washed them.  I forgot that they are dyed jeans and I washed them with other clothes.  It ruined a few shirts with that black dye so I'm not happy about that.


We really liked this Chicken Sausage (Al Fresco Sweet Italian)!  There are many chicken sausages out there that taste kind of funky, but this one was great.  Give it a try instead of pork sausage!  I sauteed it with some onion, red and green bell pepper and served it with roasted potatoes.


This one makes me sad.  I LOVE the taste of hummus, both homemade and store-bought.  But I've had to throw my hands up and admit that it just hurts my stomach.  I keep eating it and keep hurting my stomach so I've decided to stop.  So sad!

**Mia and I are going to start a monthly link-up for monthly favorites.  Join us for your June Favorites in a few weeks!  Stay tuned!**

What are some of your May favorites?

Have a happy Thursday, friends!!!


  1. Oh too bad about hummus, but I'm sure you'll find a substitution. I love Essie nail polish!

  2. NOOO! Not the hummus! I actually brought some with broccoli for lunch today. I am so sorry to hear this. Also, on the eyeliner, it may be hard at first but gel eyeliner is my favorite. Elf has a good one or I use MAC. It's the little pot of eyeliner and you put it on with a brush. It was hard to get used to at first but once you get it you'll never use pencil eyeliner again.

  3. I love lavender oil!

    I have a blog post for homemade deodorant that I love! And it's so easy to make

  4. Laughing at the deodorant making the bad list!!!!!! Loving the essential oils making the good list!

  5. I love the Essie color! That sucks about hummus but I LOVE those chicken sausages!

  6. Love this post and love how you categorized it! That Essie color looks amazing :) Love your Target loves and boo on the eyeliner. Elf has some great products and some not so great. I can't get enough chicken sausage. I love making egg scrambles or spicy alfredo dishes with them!

  7. What?! Not hummus! Ah man, that makes me sad. I love hummus, especially roasted red pepper. So good.
    Love that nail color. I'm a big fan of Essie! And I have to wear prescription strength deodorant b/c I sweat so bad. I know, so gross. So no natural deodorants for me!
    We love those sausages too and you know I love those Target shorts. Fabulous!
    And you know I'm waiting to hear more about your oils. A didn't want lavender on her last night. She was a hot mess....
    Great list Kelli!

  8. Funny coincidence. I picked up some peppermint oil from GNC the other day to mix with olive oil for my scalp, and it worked like a charm. I'll def be looking forward to a post on how you used them. and those shorts are the cutest, I'll have my eye on them when I head to Target. as for the Tom's deodorant, I tried the stick too and hated it, but I have used the roll on (liquid) version of the Toms. That seemed to work pretty well as long as you're not too active or it's not too hot out, otherwise things might get a little "primal" (hope this is not tmi). and you should try the chicken sausage with spinach and feta. so good!

  9. Totally love that chicken sausage - it's so good!! Love the Tart Deco color on you!!

  10. I'd have to agree with you on ll of these favorites! Especially the shorts/maxi! Also loving that nail color!

  11. yes essential oil and double yes on young living they are the best!! so glad they help you with your allergies!

  12. Love the Essie Tart Deco! I need to try that chicken sausage.. I've been looking for a good one! Have you tried the LaVanila deodorant from Sephora? I had a sample of it before and while it's a little pricey, I really liked it!

  13. What a fun post!

    I love that nail polish colour! It looks coral in colour (is it very similar to the picture). I love coral... and turquoise. Two of my favourite colours.

    Ooooh, I love hummus. So sad you can't eat it.

    Isn't peppermint oil AMAZING for headaches?!

    I've been meaning to try making a natural deodorant. I pinned a recipe from one of my blogging buddies but haven't gotten around to making it yet.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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