Friday, June 6, 2014

5 on Friday Fun!

So's time for 5 on Friday!  As long as the week seemed, I feel like I was just writing last week's post.  Guess that's a good thing!  It means that the weekend starts at 5pm today!  We've got a weekend of yardwork and housework lined up...woo hoo!



I have to tell you....I survived my first EVER softball game!!!!  And I didn't totally suck! I played left outfield and touched the ball once AND I scored two runs.  I won't mention the two times I swung and totally missed and spinned my whole body around.  I'm cool.  Oh...and I forgot to take pictures, but have this one from a teammate...

Yeah...our team name is SCARED HITLESS.


There's something you have to know about my hubby.  He's super clean and organized.  If any of my friends that I grew up with are reading this, I know you're thinking, "but YOU'RE so clean and organized, Kelli."  Here's the funny thing - I'm the "messy" one, yet I am quite clean.  Here's my hubby's side of the closet to prove it...


I get bored with the same old thing every day when it comes to food.  This is why I change up my meals, snacks, drinks and smoothies so often.  I go through phases with snacks at work: raw almonds, rice cakes/peanut butter, dry fruit, granola bars, mountain trail mix (with the m&m's).  I found a new trail mix at Sprouts this week that I love!  It's called Caramel Trail Mix and it has peanuts, almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, chocolate chips and caramel chips.  It's amazing!


I also change my breakfast smoothies up daily.  This Berry Smoothie is one that I come back to often...

1 - 1.5 cups frozen mixed berries
A few fresh strawberries
1 Banana (fresh if you like smooth, frozen if you like icy)
One handful of spinach
1-2 tbsp chia seeds
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (I prefer Almond Dreams)
Agave nectar (if needed for sweetness)


Last week, Katie posted about Essie's Marshmallow nail polish and I had to buy it.  I put it on my nails today and I love it!  Perfect for the summer :)

What about you?  Any fun weekend plans?!?!

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  1. Love that polish! M is so organized in his closet but definitely has more clutter. I love trail mix yum!! We will be slaving away over housework and wedding to dos!

  2. That smoothie and trail mix look DELISH - I LOVE sprouts!!!!!!

  3. That smoothie looks delicious! I am such an egg person that I hate to give up my morning eggs for breakfast. Maybe I could have one egg and a small smoothie because I'm dying to try this now. Also, I keep looking at my nails and I think they want to be white. Thanks for the influence!

  4. LOVE your team name, hilarious. My fave smoothie. Our town is getting a Sprouts soon, I can't wait and I would love that trail mix too. I think I need to add that polish to my collection! Enjoy your weekend Kelli!

  5. This is an awesome list girlfriend! LOVE that you scored 2 runs! So proud of you. And your team name is awesome. Our team name was The Unacceptaballs. :)
    I wish my hubby was more organized. You don't want to see his side of the closet.....
    That trail mix looks AMAZING! I actually have most of those ingredients so I'll make it up for myself this morning. :) And you know I love smoothies. That one looks great. I think I'll make that today too (since I'm hubby and kid-less for 2 days and can do whatever I want). :)
    My nails are terrible. You'd be so disappointed in me. But I do love white polish. You have such pretty nails.
    Ok, I'll get back to texting with you now. :)

  6. Haha I love your softball team's name!!

    I'm pretty sure I need that polish now!

  7. Love the new nail polish color - need to try it!! The smoothie looks so good!! My hubby is totally the same way and is so much more organized than me - it's scary!! Happy weekend!

  8. Scared Hitless? hahaha love this so much! My hubby is the same way...ready for this? He color coordinates his shirts (oh I love him, he almost has me doing the same) I need to make smoothies- we love them so much and got into last year and then just stopped. Do you use just a regular blender? Anyway, have a great weekend girl!! xoxo

  9. Oooh I love that nail polish!! Super cute!

  10. What a great top 5!

    I love trail mix! Seriously yummy snacking goodness.

    Thanks for the smoothie recipe. I make smoothies quite often... it's nice to change it up every once and a while.

    The nail polish is awesome!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend Kelli!

  11. So glad you're loving the Marshmallow polish!! Yay for surviving your first softball game - Scared Hitless made me laugh out loud! And just a little jealous of your husbands organization.. if I were to take a picture of my husbands clothes, it would be his giant pile in the corner of our bedroom haha. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  12. It's a real shame that my hubby isn't as neat and tidy as yours is haha! I pick up after Ross like nobodies business. I guess it's just preparing me for parenthood haha!

  13. That trail mix sounds divine! I am quite impressed by your softball skills! I am pretty terrible at any sport that involves a ball (so you know..) Your nails are so nice! Love that nail polish!!

    1. I normally am too, Bekah! I was nervous as heck before the game. That's why I was a runner growing up :) My hubby has been training me :-p Those aren't my nails, but I wish they were! My fingers are so long and boney....haha!

  14. i go through phases too of snacks i just love and that trail mix sounds delightful, thank goodness i have a sprouts nearby so i can pop in whenever i get the craving!

  15. So fun that you actually spun your whole body around with those swings - you were clearly giving it all you've got! :) Wish I could've been there to cheer you on! :) What an organized hubby you have! I'm impressed :) The trail mix looks and sounds soooo good - Mmm! does your smoothie!! :) Which reminds me that you asked what kind of Ninja I have and I don't think I replied yet (So sorry!) I've got the Ninja blender with single serve blending cups found at Target: ... I think I may need to go use it after this post! ;) lol! Loving the marshmallow mani! So cute!! What a fun 5!

  16. hey gal! i am contacting people that linked up in the last 5 on friday linkup...that has since been put on hold for the summer. well...if you were interested, a friend of mine and i are starting it back up! the first one will be live this friday morning! prepare your post! :) it's going to be called "oh hey, friday!" it'll be the exact same rules. write about five anythings. hope to see you there!



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