Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Projects

With the help of Pinterest and all of your lovely blogs, I have started a list of projects that I'd like to get done (or at least start) this summer.  I wish I had more hours in the day for DIY projects!  Here are a few items on my to-do list:


I would like to revamp this wall in our back living room.  It's right next to the back doors so it gets sunlight, but not during the day while we're gone.

(don't mind me!) 

I would like to take on the DIY project of covering boxes with cute fabric to make these adorable fabric bins for each cubicle:

I'm thinking 4 large wicker bins (like below) on the bottom row and then the covered ones on top.  I need to find some cute patterned dark orange/white fabric.

I'd also like to ditch the standing lamp that's super outdated but I need an affordable lighting option in place of it.

I'd love any ideas that you have for me!  What would you do with this area for a low cost but that's cute?  What should I put on top of the table?


I would like to start growing some of my own vegetables.  I know I'm probably a little late to be starting this but maybe I can just do a few pots.  I'd either do a square foot garden like this:

Or even just a few pots:

You can see my gardening Pinterest board for more resources.

Do you have any gardening tips for me?


I want to start making beauty products and household products from natural ingredients like this homemade chamomile lavender milk bath by Handmade Mood or makeup removing cleanser by Jana at Life Could Be a Dream.


Do you make any home products naturally?  I'd love any links you'd like to share with me!

Let's hope I can find the time to do/start these projects!  I appreciate your advice/links/info/tips regarding any of these projects!  Thank you!


  1. You could do so much with that wall! Love it. I want to grow my own vegetables too! I don't make my own beauty products but my cleansing routine is all natural.

  2. Fun!!! I LOVE GARDENING, you know I'm full of ideas over here!

  3. These are all great projects to start! But you're right, you better get that garden started soon girl! :)
    I've only made a scrub (I blogged it late summer/fall last year) but it was awesome!
    There really is a ton you could do with that wall as well. Mandy @ House of Rose does amazing gallery walls. Check her out!

  4. Little projects are so fun. I'm not making any plans right now since our house is for sale and we'll eventually be moving, but I can't wait to work on things once we move. I did just redo my work space, details coming next week :)

  5. we have a garden in our back yard - we started it last year and I love it!!! Also, I have recipes on our blog for homemade makeup remover, diy body wash and maybe a few others that I can't remember right now, haha!! yay for making your own products!!!!

  6. Wishing you all the best with these projects, girl! Can't wait to hear about how they turn out ;)


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