Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is Your Life Really That Perfect?

Today I want to talk about something that's been on my mind for quite a while and I've had some conversations about it lately that really have me thinking.

I'll warn you're going to see some bad photos of me in this post...all to prove a point. :)  I hope they make you laugh and think "why in the world did she post that photo?!"

Social media has gotten out of control.  While there are so many good reasons to use it, I feel like the number of bad reasons is constantly increasing.  Here's my biggest issue with it:

It has become a place to brag about yourself, post only the great photos, talk only about how wonderful and romantic your significant other is and we're losing sight of what it means to be real with each other and admit that our lives ARE NOT PERFECT.  How many of you have seen a long, mushy post about how great some girl's boyfriend is then the next day her status changes to 'single' so he must not have been that great?!

Then when you see someone post something negative, you hide them in your newsfeed, because you're tired of their complaining.  I'm right there with you.

Don't tell me that you don't take a million photos before picking out the perfect one to post!  I honestly would love to see more realistic photos of someone's life.  Let's be real with each other.  I think there's a fine line between the perfect stuff and the complaining.

I'll tell you life is NOT perfect.  There are so many wonderful things, but there are also really hard things.  Marriage is tough - my hubby and I love each other deeply and do so well in some areas but have conflict in other areas.  That's life.  I don't always love my job.  I don't always put on makeup.  My house is not always clean.  And I occasionally eat something that is not made from scratch and yes, I use Velveeta in my queso! Yum!

Here are some fun examples...thank you, family, for being my subjects:

I already regret posting that last photo!

I don't believe in airing your dirty laundry on social media.  There's a difference in what's appropriate to post and what is TMI.  I think this is why I like blogging so much.  I'm getting to know some really great women who are honest about life and all of it's imperfections.

Facebook and Twitter only offer snapshots that can easily be misinterpreted.

I will continue to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and this blog because I love networking.  It is a great way to keep up with your friends that live far away.  I have gotten to where I just don't post often.

Remember that what you see isn't always what it seems.  No one has a perfect life.  Don't compare your imperfect life to someone else's life who only posts perfect photos.  There's always another side.

What do you think about this?  How can we be more transparent with each other without crossing a line?



  2. YOU use velveeta in YOUR queso??? Jk. Word to everything you said.

  3. So so true! I am definitely one to hide pictures on Facebook that I think I look horrible in, and I usually only post good photos. I don't air dirty laundry or complain or gush on social media. That just gets me. I love that you posted these photos, and you look extra fab in the last one!!

  4. Amen friend!! I was having this convo with someone the other day - people either post stuff that involves tragedy or the really really good stuff - not just the every day stuff - I think this is something we all do though - thanks for being transparent!!!! Super cute (and fun) pics!!!

  5. I totally agree about the facebook gushing - so not needed...I'm guilty only on anniversaries and birthday other than that - I know and he need for anyone else to know! As for instagram - no one wants to look at ugly photos lol - but like you said no one is every "real" because that's just no fun!!

  6. Such a great post :-) I know I definitely felt this pressure to be perfect when I first started blogging, especially with photos. Even now, working with a broken camera phone, my pics aren't always "great" but I've stopped letting it stop me from putting out work that I enjoy. It also helps to remind myself that some of my favorite bloggers do this full time, it's their job to put out magazine quality images and work. I'm just doing this for fun, not that I would mind if it one day turned into something more, but it's important to just have fun with it and remember that no one's perfect. You're right that you never know how many photos were taken before getting that "right" shot. I like your honesty,

  7. OMG you use Velveeta?! You are a terrible person! J/K! Velveeta is the BOMB! I love the honesty in this post Kelli. I get tired of social media sometimes as well. I'm barely ever on FB anymore; maybe check it once or twice a day (I actually do need to pose a question on there today though....). But I have a few friends who are always overly positive or overly negative. It's exhausting seeing those posts. My life sure isn't perfect, but it's not always terrible either. :)
    I have sooooo many photos (especially of Little A) of us trying to get "the right one." I know my hubby gets annoyed with this, ha!

  8. so true, i often have to step back and remind myself that some people only post the extra special things in their life and that they dont share the bad and i cannot compare my self to them!

  9. LOVE this! Authenticity is missing so often! I agree--dirty laundry- NO! Honesty about life- YES! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Agreed! It's such a fine line but so important to find it, I think :) Thanks for stopping by, Bekah!!

  10. I always think of the phrase, "Do not compare your "Behind the Scenes" to someone else's "Highlight Reel."

    1. Ah! I like that! I'm going to remember it for sure :)

  11. Amen! Social media is very misleading. I use social media quite a bit because I blog. However, I am always sharing my less- than perfect, insecure, honest and raw moments (especially on my blog). People need to be real. Connections need to be real. We are missing out so much if we edit out the rough stuff.

    Thanks so much for sharing, for being real (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a blessed day.


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