Sunday, May 11, 2014

I have the best mother in the world!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my best friend and mom!

My mom has always been there for me, loved me unconditionally, forgiven me when I was wrong, encouraged me to pursue my dreams, taught me about Jesus, gone sky diving with me :) and has ALWAYS been a shoulder to cry on!  Poor lady...she's had to listen to me bawling on the phone more times than you can imagine!  I dream of being a mother like her someday.  I love you, Mom!!!

And HAPPY  MOTHER'S DAY to all of my bloggy friends who are moms!!!  I admire you!


  1. Beautiful! Mothers are so amazing :) I cherish my close relationship with my mama for sure!

  2. I love these photos and your heartfelt love for your mom.

    Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes my friend. You are a sweetheart.

  3. So sweet. I love your photos with your mom. So is also lucky to have a daughter like you


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