Friday, May 23, 2014

5 on Friday: My Wish List!

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Woo hoo!!!  It's Memorial Day weekend and we have a day off of work!  SO excited!!!  This week I'm doing 5 things on my wish list.  These are items that I'm not going to spend the money on right now but hey, they're good gift ideas...wink, wink...Kevin.


This past weekend, I bought these shorts from Target for $19.99 and I AM IN LOVE!  They fit me just like my JCrew chinos but they're cheaper!  I really want some more since I know they fit me so well.  They have them in a variety of colors and lengths.  I realized that I'm definitely getting older - I go for the longer shorts and bought a modest swimsuit! :)


I have heard over and over how amazing the Clarisonic is.  I normally don't use anything fancy for my face and my skin has aged well...we'll see what happens when I have kids!  But I figure I should start now...prevent those wrinkles as soon as I can.  I can start at 31, right?!

except I want the green one!


I am a huge smoothie girl!  I make one every morning for breakfast.  They're full of nutrition and easy to drink on my way to work.  For years I've used a blender (I currently have a Ninja) but since getting married, have used a knock-off version of the Nutribullet.  It's great to just make one serving in the cup I'm going to be drinking out of.  Its much cleaner and dirties up a lot fewer dishes.  My only problem - it doesn't blend well at all!  Somehow it can blend ice, but not a banana.  I'm constantly drinking chunks of fruit and they won't go up my straw.  It's a tough life, I know.

The Nutribullet is too expensive for now, but I really hope to get one someday!  I've heard it has magical powers...


I see Stella & Dot jewelry ALL over the place, yet I don't own a single piece.  I've been eyeing the amity drop earrings and the serenity stone drop earrings for quite some time.  The good on the lookout for a Stella & Dot related post and possible giveaway!  Maybe I'll finally get those earrings!



I want some Texas Rangers Toms!  I see girls wear these to Rangers games and I just love them.  They're pretty hard to come by so maybe I can learn how to make them myself!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!!! XOXO


  1. Happy Friday, Kelli! Those shorts are super cute (: I love starting the day with a smoothie too!! Jason got me a Ninja for my birthday last year that came with cups to blend up individual serving size yumminess. Love using that! You totally need some Rangers Toms! One of my friends from church teaches art classes in her home and has been offering classes/events where ladies can bring their own canvas shoes to paint. I think it sounds like so much fun, with a cute end result too! Again, another time I wish you lived nearer, friend!! ;) Have a fantastic 3-day weekend!! *hugs*

  2. Those shorts are darling!!! I use the clairsonic and LOVE IT. I have had years of skin problems and it really helps.

  3. It does have magical powers. What my fam did for me for my birthday was save up a bunch of coupons from bed bath and beyond.

  4. The clairsonic is wonderful - I don't over use it - just a twice a week, but it certainly works!! Love the new shorts!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I too want a clairsonic! You only have one face! Love--those shorts! I love J.Crew chinos so those might just be the ticket to sprucing up my short stash. Have you seen the Kendra Scott drop earrings? Darling--super bright colors, perfect for summer!

    1. Agreed :) Definitely check out the shorts. I want another pair next month! I have!! And this weekend my friend had them on and I definitely want some now.

  6. I got those shorts the other day too! But I grabbed the wrong size and never picked up a new pair. Need to get them ASAP before they're sold out! And I do love my J Crew shorts as well. :)
    You know I love my Clairsonic! It is AMAZING! If Kevin doesn't get it for you, you better get it for yourself girl. I promise you'll be so glad you did. :)
    We have a Vitamix and it works really well. We had the Baby Bullet to make baby food for Little A. Love the blue earrings and those Toms are pretty cool. I'm not a baseball fan (I'm a football girl) but I could get down on some Seahawks Toms. :)
    Have a great 3 day weekend Kelli!

  7. Love your list!! I need to check out those shorts. I am so excited have the Clarisonic, I've been wanting it for over a year now! I want a Nutribullet too, once our current crappy thing breaks we'll buy one. I may have to "accidentally" break it lol

  8. stella and dot!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just bought a knock off clarisonic - so far, so good!

  9. Clarisonic brush the by far the best brush I've used. I am a face cleaning aholic, and I love this brush. Definitely worth it. Also the nutribullet is fantastic. I finally upgraded to it not that long ago, it really does have special powers!

  10. I got a Clarisonic two years ago and it honestly changed my skin 100%!! It's SUCH a good investment for anyone! And I need to head to Target to look for those shorts - I love my J Crew chino's but I love the Target price more :)

  11. We really want a nutribullet too! But we also need to finish our yard...and we desperately need a new coffee maker...and we're going on vacation. Too many things to spend money on - never enough money. =)

    1. Oh I most definitely hear ya! That's why I won't be getting these things quite yet. Yay vacation! I need one of those! I'll let you know if I hear about a deal on the Nutribullet. The more I use my cheap one, the more I want one!

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  13. Those Target shorts are so adorable. Love them!

    xx 365HANGERS


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