Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wedding Story: Engagement Photos

If you missed the beginning of our LOVE STORY, check out the previous posts here:

Engagement photos were ones of my favorite parts of the whole engagement process!  It was fun to spend a day (actually two) with Kevin and our photographer in different locations all over the city.  It was also fun kissing Kevin a billion times for the camera. ;-)

My friend and ever so talented photographer, Stanley Tongai at Against the Grain Images, was our photographer for engagement photos and the wedding.  He did a wonderful job!  Stan is I Am Second's photographer so I'm sure you've seen his work if you've ever seen the I Am Second website or billboards.  I'm quite jealous of him as he gets to hang out with some of my favorites like Josh Turner, the Duck Dynasty guys and Sean and Catherine.  If you look at his website, you'll see a lot of photos of me/our wedding on his photo scroll.

This post may be a bit long because of all the photos!

First, we took photos at the Texas Rangers Ballpark because Kevin is a HUGE Rangers fan and now I am too!  We should have paid the fee to take photos inside, but we were very pleased with the ones outside the ballpark.  It was hot, but thankfully not the hottest that it usually gets in Texas!

These photos are actually near the ballpark too...

Then we went out to our wedding venue which is on a beautiful ranch...

On another day, we took photos with our dogs...

We had such a great time taking all of these!  Stan did such an amazing job!


  1. Kelli, these are such awesome photos! You two are so adorable as well! I love that you included the pups too.

    I love the photo of you "thinking" while holding the ball and glove and the one of Kevin kissing the tip of your nose. So sweet!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You guys are so cute! These photos are fantastic! What a great story you two have. I like the one of Kevin kissing your nose; so sweet.

  3. Love all of these!!! My favorite is the one of y'all smoochin' by the tractor <3! Xx.

  4. All of your outfit changes!!! Love these!!!


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