Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trips to Brazil!

Oi!  Tudo bem?! Welcome to my first post in a new travel series that I'm super pumped about!  I used my 20's as a single woman volunteering, working, spending wonderful time with my friends and traveling!  God gave me opportunities to travel around the world and I want to share those experiences with you.  I am so grateful to Him for these times!

I'm kicking off this travel series with a country that is very near and dear to my heart...

Brazil was the first country that I went to without my family (the first ever was Mexico back when you didn't need a passport to cross the border when I was in high school).  I first went to Sao Paulo, Brazil on a mission trip with International World Changers in March 2004.  Then I went again in March 2005 on the same mission trip (different team).  And then I went back in April 2007 on my own to see all of the Brazilian friends that I had made and kept in contact with.

NOTE: Remember the days that you took photos and had to go get your film developed?  Yeah...the 2004 photos are from that time.  So the 2004 photos were scanned in and aren't the best quality!  Sorry!

March 2004 Trip

My team consisted of a large group from FBC Bryan in Bryan, TX (a bunch of Aggies...I know all you Aggies just whoop'd) and about 7 other randoms including me.  This was during my junior year at Baylor University.  Here are some highlights:

We led Bible studies on the Universidade de Sao Paulo campus in the kitchen area of the dorms...

my amazing friend, Lucia!!!

Had to do a Baylor Sic 'Em with my Brazilian friend, Liberio

We played American football on campus to attract students to our English workshop where they could practice speaking English with us...

Hung out on campus...

 those Aggies got the Brazilians to gig 'em while I only got one Brazilian to sic 'em :)

Toured the city of Sao Paulo...

 on top of the tallest building in Sao Paulo

Went to a beach in Santos...

March 2005 Trip

For some reason, I can only find 3 group photos from this trip.  I need to do some digging!  The trip was similar to the first except that we did the Bible studies and workshops on different university campuses.  This was during my senior year in college.

Don't ask...

April 2007 Trip

I was now a workin' woman having to take PTO for this trip!  I absolutely loved it!  I got to spend time with Lucia who is still my friend today.  In fact, she later went to seminary in Amsterdam and I went to visit her there...future post to come!  This trip was so great because all I really did was hang out with Brazilian friends in their everyday lives.  I got to experience the culture this way. 

We spent time on the USP campus and with her friends...


 my beautiful friend, Fabiana!!

 you know those Brazilians and their futbol aka soccer

Then we traveled overnight by bus to Lucia's hometown in Guararapes (upstate Sao Paulo) to see her family over Easter weekend...

 Hanging out with Lucia's friends in the city park

Lucia and her brother, Gustavo

Her parents drove us around to see the countryside and to visit a coffee field.  That Brazilian coffee is to die for!!!  I didn't get photos of the Easter service at her parents' church, but it was pretty amazing!  Poor Lucia had to translate for me the whole time.  I could understand a small amount of Portuguese but VERY VERY little.

I can't believe that this was 7 years ago!

On the last day I was there (back in the city of Sao Paulo), we got to go to a small home church service that was amazing.  I got to meet Liberio's family (the guy above that did a Sic 'Em Bears with me years before) and participate in the Lord's supper.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!  It's been a fun walk down memory lane for me!  I need to plan a trip back to Brazil now that Lucia's back home!  As I'd say in Brazil...

Beijos!!!  Tchau!!!


  1. How fun! I've never been to Brazil but it looks beautiful. And the fact that you've been 3 times must mean it's a really great place. :)
    That's so wonderful that you still have friends down there. Looks like you guys are pretty close (as close as you can be I guess) :)
    Thank for sharing these memories!

  2. Amazing!! I haven't done much traveling, but I love living vicariously through others!! So fun!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Joanne! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) Traveling really opens up your eyes to so many things...I hope I get to more in the future! For now, I'll live vicariously through others too!


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