Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday!

Time to link up with AprilNatashaChristina, and Darci again for 5 on Friday!


Kevin and I have signed up for a community softball league this summer.  I am nervous as heck!  I've never played softball.  Kevin thinks that because I watch so much baseball with him, I'll get it right away.  Ha!  I will say...the one time I messed around with hitting/catching a softball in my aunt's backyard, I did pretty well.  Let's hope it wasn't just beginner's luck!!  This may be me...



In the last few of weeks, three special babies were born!  My friends have babies in groups apparently.  I love it!  They were all due the same week but one came early, one came on the due date and one was late!  A couple that we love had their sweet little boy on March 10, my college friend had her beautiful little girl on March 18 and my amazing friends (that I introduced...hehe) had their perfect little girl on March 27!  Here she is in a onesie that I bought for her!  It says "her royal cuteness"!


Remember the old Duck Hunt game we played on Nintendo when we were kids?!

Well there's a new one made by the Duck Dynasty guys and you don't even need a console for it.  It comes with it's own equipment.  Kevin and I might have had fun playing it while at Bass Pro Shop.


While working from home on Wednesday, I made Tiffany's Kale Egg Bake for breakfast.  It was delicious!  You can check out the recipe HERE.


Did you catch my post about how Kevin proposed to me?  If not, go read it HERE now!  I'm pretty proud of him!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!!!


  1. All those neat + fun!!! You have lots of fun visits in store :) Xx.

  2. That softball comic totally has me cracking up!! LOL. I hope you end up having a really fun season!! (: Children are such a beautiful gift from God! Congrats to your friends!! How exciting!! A dear friend of mine had a precious baby boy last week, and my cousin just sent me the sweetest ultrasound snapshot of their lit'l one too - so I can so relate to the baby excitement!!! ("Her Royal Cuteness" is absolutely precious btw! ;)) Duck Hunt - YES!! ;) So fun! That breakfast looks delish ...& I adore your "Mrs." mug too! ;) What a fun post ... leaving here smiling, friend! ;) HAPPY FRIDAY! xo

  3. I just read your proposal and...what a sweet, sweet way to do it!!! I just love that he surprised you!

  4. That softball comic is so funny. You will do great. If all else fails you can play right field :)
    I LOVED Duck Hunt! So fun!
    Thanks for linking to my recipe! I'm glad you liked it.
    Have a great weekend Kelli!

  5. Oh my goodness I love sweet newborn faces! And that recipe sounds delicious! May have to attempt that one!

  6. I seriously would injure myself or others if I was allowed to throw a baseball. I have a wildly unpredictable throwing arm.

    I want to make Tiffany's eggs - they look and sound fabulous!

    Duck Hunt... classic.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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