Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wedding Story: How We Started Dating

Welcome back!  This is the story of Kevin and Kelli told in many different pieces.  I last wrote about how we met so if you want to catch up, read that story here.  Now onto how we started dating...

May 2012

We pick up during the spring of 2012. We had been close friends (actually, best friends) for a year and a half.  God was working in each of us for a common goal at this point.  I started having feelings that I didn't understand. I became jealous of his other girlfriends (friends that were girls and girls he went on dates with).

I talked to a couple friends about it and prayed and prayed and prayed. My friend Dawn (during an FC Dallas game pictured in the last post - the one where my hair was blowing up like crazy - Kevin calls it my "Medusa Hair") suggested that I just be honest with him and let him know what I was feeling. So I did that night which was wonderful because it started that conversation, but it just caused confusion for both of us at that moment.

The turning point: I was so frazzled about everything that I took off work one day that week to just pray. I'm a huge advocate for PRAYER, but I've never been that girl who can spend many hours in prayer without getting totally distracted...except for this day. I spent 4 hours on my knees praying about what to do. I thought so many things - "what if we date and then break up and our friendship is ruined?", "What if we date and then he decides he doesn't like me?", "What if this means we're getting married?", "Am I really ready to give up dating and settle down?" After many hours of prayer and spending time in The Word, God gave me an answer which was this:

"Kelli, stop asking for a definitive answer. I'm giving you these feelings so that you'll try it. Stop worrying about if you'll get married or if one of you breaks the other's heart. Just try it. Tell Kevin you want to just see where things go and trust Me in the process."

Wow! That was it. And then I had peace. It was so weird. This verse really came to life for me:

"...the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." 
~Philippians 4:7

So I sat Kevin down and had that conversation with him the next week.  I was nervous as heck, but he was so sweet and made me feel calm.  He was happy that I came to him and said that he wanted to try it too.

And that's it!  We started dating and very quickly God started telling me that Kevin was the man He wanted me to marry.  We didn't start having those conversations for a while, but it was such a wonderful thing to experience God showing me what He had planned all along.  I no longer had anxiety about it, just excitement and the start of a love that grew like nothing I had ever experienced.  It felt right.

A huge part of this process and the Lord speaking to me came through reading a book called "The Meaning of Marriage" by Tim Keller.  I'll do a whole post on that in the future.

I'll finish up this post with some photos of us dating... Enjoy!

And the story continues....Wedding Story: The Proposal


  1. You guys are too cute! The power of prayer is amazing. So glad God gave you the guidance you needed. He was right as usual! :)

  2. That is such a great beginning to your dating story. The total surrender in prayer reminds me of a similar situation I went through.


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