Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is Here!!!

Hey readers!  I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Honestly, I haven't had time to cook a lot so I didn't know what to post about.  I do want to share this though - I love to read this blog: Mix and Match Mama!  I've mentioned it before.  I love making Shay's recipes and looking at photos of her adorable children.  I've also bought a few clothing items she's suggested before.  She's doing a Christmas giveaway that you can see here!  I get extra entries for posting this! :-)

Update on Thanksgiving: The meal was great!  Like I said, I was doing pretty traditional, not-healthy plates so I don't have a lot to share.  But I did get to use my new Temptations ovenware - an awesome wedding gift from my aunt and uncle!  And we used the mason jars from our wedding for drinks!

And here's a glimpse into our home.  Our fireplace is decorated for Christmas.  We have a tiny tree and it leans a little, but we love it! :-)  And this year, we all get tiny stockings...even the doggies!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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