Friday, October 21, 2016

Kevin's 30th | Wood watch + Giveaway

My amazing husband turned the big 3-0 not too long ago. Yes, my husband is younger than me and he constantly makes fun of me for it, but I'm pretty sure that I'm the one that won that deal. #winning

Kevin has been talking about wanting a wood watch for quite some time. Seriously, I think it's been a few years. I looked and looked for the perfect one to get and couldn't find one that I was satisfied with. I wanted to get him something special for his birthday so I was on the search for a quality wood watch.

Enter JORD.

I saw 3 of my favorite bloggers (Nina, Suzanne and Emily) post about their JORD wood watches and fell in love. In love.

JORD so graciously sent me the exact one that I had been eyeing.

I literally squealed when it arrived at my front doorstep. I knew Kevin was going to love it.

We decided to go to Chama Gaucha - the best Brazilian steakhouse in San Antonio to celebrate (while my mom watched the kiddos - thank you Mom!)

He opened the gift there and I took some pictures, but please excuse the quality. I felt silly bringing my nice camera into the restaurant so snapped some with my iPhone.

It's now his favorite watch and it truly is the perfect fall accessory for men (yes, they have women's watches too). It truly is a unique watch that he constantly gets compliments on. It's very stylish!

*Disclosure: I received the Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Smoke watch in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own (and Kevin's)!

And here's the treat for you! You can win a $75 e-voucher for JORD Wood Watches through the giveaway that JORD is so graciously hosting. Even if you don't win, you'll receive a $20 e-giftcard just for entering (excluding the winner). YES! They have women's watches too! Honestly, I really want one now. The contest will end October 30, 2016.

Enter the giveaway HERE.

Good luck! If you win, please share with me the watch that you got! I'm all about wood watches now!

Luxury Wood Watch
Friday, September 9, 2016

If Social Media Weren't Around...

Do you remember the days when social media didn't exist and we actually picked up the phone and called each other?  Perhaps it was your old puke green rotary phone?  You actually didn't know (or care about) what your husband's sister's cousin's best friend had for dinner and you only got to see your friend's Spring Break photos in an actual photo album that held 250 photos?  If you didn't know who the guy was standing next to her, you may never know because it wasn't tagged with a little blue link that allowed you to stalk him, find out where he went to college, when his birthday was and how many mutual friends you had with him?

I thoroughly enjoyed Jen Hatmaker's "If Social Media Weren't Around" chapter in For the Love so I'm writing my version of it.

Let's pretend that I got a Twitter account at age 13.  This is what it might look like:

@KelliSkywalker 12/16/1995 I turn 13 today! Woo hoo! My obsession with Luke Skywalker has gone on too long. I hope they make more Star Wars movie in the future #firsttweet  #hessohot #starwarsforlife

@KelliSkywalker 3/10/1996 I have a new boyfriend.  But I'm too embarrassed to hold his hand.  He did smile at me the other day. #7thgrade #mycrush

@KelliSkywalker 3/24/1996 And we broke up.  #2weeks

@KelliSkywalker 4/2/1996 I just got new scrunchy socks and scrunchies for my hair!  Awesome!

@JTTforLife 5/26/1996 School is almost out!  I'm almost an 8th graders so I updated my Twitter handle.  Jonathan Taylor Thomas is so hot.  If I write him a letter, do you think he'll write me back? #JTTisdreamy #homeimprovement #voiceofSimba

@JTTforLife 7/16/1996 Just got back from Alto Frio Church Camp.  God is awesome! We are all Jesus Freaks! And Tracy met a guy named Chris Johnson.  He's cute. #altofrio #shegavehimarock #GodRocks #DCTalk #JesusFreak #InTheLight

@IngramJesusFreak 2/15/1997 Ugh.  Braces hurt.  I hope they fix my vampire teeth. #ifeelsonerdy #changingtherubberbandcolorsiscool

@IngramJesusFreak 6/2/1997 Cheer Camp today!  Go Warriors! Carroll, Heather, Lauren, Ashley, Arin, Stacy and I are going to have so much fun! #SWTX #UCA #juniorvarsitycheerleaders

@IngramJesusFreak 8/7/1997 Just got back from Disney World!  My siblings drive me crazy, but it was fun! It was the 25th anniversary.

@IngramJesusFreak 12/4/1997 Freshman year. First "real" boyfriend, Dustin. I think we'll be together FOREVER. First kiss. Heather, Daniel, Dustin and I are going to grow old together. #firstlove #freddiekrueger #fiestatexas

@RunningIsLife 2/1/1998 Coach Jackson works us really hard in track.  I'm running the 400m, 800m Relay, 1600m Relay and doing the long jump.  I love Amanda, Mandy and Jennifer! All the way to State!

@RunningIsLife 4/2/1998 This new band, N Sync is so amazing!  Like, I'm in love. #nsync #boyband #superhot

@RunningIsLife 5/21/1998 Woohoo!  We made it to State!  I'm so nervous that I'm going to throw up! #allthway #milerelay #Austinroadtrip

@RunningIsLife 6/10/1998 First real job at River Inn is awesome!  Thanks for the job, Jenna! #gallopsontheriver #summerfun #deliciousburgers

@RunningIsLife 7/2/1999 Totally forgot about Twitter because I've been too obsessed with boys, track and cheerleading. AND a new Stars Wars movie came out!  I'm back, Twitter world! #youmissedme #sophomoreyearwaseh #Episode1ThePhantomMenace

@RunningIsLife 12/31/1999 People say the world might end tonight.  Or computers are going to freak out.  I don't even know how to type well yet so I don't really care.  Dustin and I are together for a third time so I don't have time for petty issues. #getreal #Y2K

@RunningIsLife 1/1/2000 I'm alive and computers are just fine. #whydopeoplefreakout?

@RunningIsLife 3/21/2000 N Sync's No Strings Attached album was released today and I GOT IT!!!  Mrs. Lange let me skip first period so I could go buy it!  I'm, like, the happiest girl on Earth right now!

@RunningIsLife 8/25/2001 Class of 2001!!!  Seniors Rock!!! Let's do this, Warriors! #classof2001 #ITMseniors @TracyDiane @Jeni4Pink @Carrollcheer @RunningHeather @UTLauren @JennaH @Stacybasketball

@RunningIsLife 4/20/2001 Must. Make. 100's. On. Everything. Need a good rank and scholarships! #obsessedwithgrades

@RunningIsLife 5/1/2001 Announcement!  I'm going to be Baylor Bear!!!!!!!! Next year is going to rock!  #BaylorUniversity #Classof2005 #SicEmBears

@RunningIsLife 6/2/2001 We did it!  We graduated!!!  I love you Class of 2001!  Pursue your dreams!  Shoot for the stars!  We better stay in touch!  P.S. I hope you forget that speech I gave!  #ITMclassof2001 #goodbyehighschool #hellocollege

@KelliBaylorBear 9/11/2001 In complete shock.  Just watched the second plane crash into the World Trade Center in NYC on TV before Psychology 101.  Is this real? #tragedy #terrorism #inshock

@KelliBaylorBear 11/3/2001 Baylor football sucks.  I hope we're good someday! #baylorfootball

@KelliBaylorBear 2/20/2002 Watermark concert with @LeahG and @ShawnaBear!! #watermarkinconcert #dallasroadtrip

@KelliBaylorBear 4/23/2002 Is it bad to ride behind a moving Ford Explorer in a grass field sitting on a flattened cardboard box while holding onto jumper cables that your friend is holding while inside of said Ford Explorer for entertainment? #freshmanfun

@KelliBaylorBear 5/21/2002 Family group trip to Stonehenge!  JK - it's a replica #hunttexas #stonehenge

@KelliBaylorBear 3/13/2003 That time I went snow skiing with the FBC Mart Youth Group in Durango and they left me on the mountain with a broken ski #notfunny #igottorideasnowmobileforfree #fbcmart

@KelliBaylorBear 6/19/2003 It's fun being the interim youth minister! Woo hoo Camp Alto Frio! #churchcamp #fbcmart

@KelliBaylorBear 3/16/2004 Mission trip to Brazil! I love USP! #internationalworldchangers #saopaulo #USP

@KelliBaylorBear 7/11/2004 Beach trip with the bestie! #PortA #USSLexington

@KelliBaylorBear 10/30/2004 Happy Halloween from Marge Simpson! #halloweenintyler

@KelliBaylorBear 4/1/2005 Too much fun with these peeps Senior year!

@KelliBaylorBear 6/9/2005 I went sky diving today!!! #skydivedallas

@KelliBaylorBear 8/12/2005 Graduated from Baylor today!  Here I come real world! #baylorgrad #accounting

@KelliBaylorBear 10/15/2005 Bought a condo today!  I feel like adult! #dallas #momgotadog #parker

@KelliBaylorBear 11/5/2005 Got a puppy today!  I think I'll name her Luci! #rescuepup

@KelliBaylorBear 8/21/2006 First trip to NYC with @Jeni4Pink

@KelliBaylor Bear 3/12/2007 At a coffee plantation in Brazil!  Love this place!

@KelliBaylorBear 10/7/2007 Met my new best friend on my Colorado/Wyoming roadtrip! @LIZzardMiles #rockymountains #jacksonhole #grandtetons #yellowstone

@KelliBaylorBear 11/30/2008 Ummm...most amazing vacation ever!  Touring New Zealand south island with @MelR @MarK #franzjosefglacier #winetourbybike #milfordsound #canyoning #skydiving #wanaka

@KelliBaylorBear 6/16/2009 10 days. Colorado. Wilderness. 3 people. Hiking. Camping. Intense.

@KelliBaylorBear 11/4/2010 Met a cute guy tonight at church.  Wonder where that will go. #justfriends

@KelliBaylorBear 1/1/2011 Spent New Years with "cute guy" and friends! #BigDNYE

@KelliBaylorBear 5/29/2011 Just got back from the most amazing mission trip to China and Thailand. #fightagainsthumantrafficking

@KelliBaylorBear 7/12/2011 Took that cute guy to my friends' wedding today! #stilljustfriends

@KelliBaylorBear 5/24/2012's official...I like this "cute boy" and we're dating! #finally #hewaitedforme

@adeeperjoy 3/8/2013 I started a blog! Check out my first post HERE! #adeeperjoy

@adeeperjoy 3/22/2013 I said YES!! #engaged #soexcited #loveofmylife

@adeeperjoy 10/13/2013 And we're married!!!!

And because I had started my blog around this time, I'll stop.  You can follow my real Twitter account @adeeperjoy HERE!