Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fear of the Unknown

Change can be scary.  Change can involve diving into the unknown.  I don’t know about you, but change is tough for me…even good change.

I like a schedule.  I like knowing when I’m exercising, when I’ll be at work and when I’ll be eating meals, because if I don’t, some of those things don’t happen.  Welcome to my life currently, where schedules do not exist!

It sounds like a ton of rest and rejuvenation, but I’ll be honest, it hasn’t totally been that lately.

Let’s back up a bit – my husband and I thought we’d move away from DFW in about 4-5 years, but the Lord had something else planned.  Everything just started falling into place for us to go ahead and move. 

Something I love about the Lord is how He leads me through life, especially in times like this.  I pray and ask Him what He wants and most of the time, He shows me.  I don’t always love His answer and don’t always trust Him, but He's never let me down.  He knows what is good for me better than I know for myself!

We started praying about if we should move a while back and felt lead to just put our house on the market and see what would happen.  So we did and said, “Lord, this is up to you.  If you want us to stay, don’t let our house sell right away.  If you want us to consider change, please make it sell.”  So we left town on a Friday after putting it on the market and already had an offer before we came back on Sunday.  Hello, answer.

I truly believe that what we ask God and how we respond is key.  If we ask for one specific answer, we may find ourselves being disappointed.  He may have a different plan.  It’s okay to ask for specific things, but know that He has a much better view of your future than you do and knows what is best for you.  I always ask Him for what I want but more importantly, ask Him to show us what His will in all of it and to help us trust Him in it.

So here I am…following a series of events after selling the house, we are moved to a new city, about to start new jobs, looking for a new church, and looking to make new friends.  My life has been crazy since quitting my job….it has not been restful as it might sound.  I’ve had interviews, have been trying to find somewhere to live, seeing family, traveled 11 hours to see my hubby’s grandpa and am helping my sister plan her wedding.  I haven’t had a moment to stop and relax.

Good news!  I accepted a job and am starting October 27 so I’m pumped!  I think it’ll be a great job and the team seems pretty awesome.  Thankfully, I have some time to rest before then.

So before I had quit my previous job, I thought, “this is going to be great.  I’m going to be stress-free!”  Ha!  How is it than once we move on from one stress-inducer, we find a million others to stress about?  I’m starting to realize that it’s what is in my heart.  Even when things are going well and God seems to be pushing things along perfectly, anxiety seems to find me (or I find it?).  Will I like my new job?  Will I make friends in San Antonio?  Will I like San Antonio?  Will my friends in DFW forget about me?  Will we find a church we love as much as our previous one?

As hard as I try to not be anxious, I can’t seem to let it go.  In my time with the Lord lately, He has told me to stop trying.  Stop trying to find relief myself, but allow Him to give me peace.  We’ve been trusting Him in the details, the baby steps, yet I let worry creep into my heart.  Worry about the unknown.

I know that I’m where God wants me to be.  I’m excited about the future.  My prayer the other day as I walked through a peaceful neighborhood talking to God was that He would give me peace in each moment, that I would stop and enjoy time with Him, time with my husband, time with my family, time alone and not worry about what will happen in my new job or with our future.  What does worrying do for my future?  Nothing.  It doesn’t change a thing. 

I am happy with this change.  I’m excited to make new friends and find a new church.  It sounds so easy to say or read about someone else, but it’s my life.  It’s huge for me.  Thank you for loving me though this process, blog friends! 
Friday, October 10, 2014

Oh Hey (Crazy) Friday!

Hey friends!!!  Obviously, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to post much.  I've missed my daily conversations with you and hope that you're doing well!  I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.  Please don't give up on me! :)

Today I just want to catch you up on the happenings around here.  So here ya go....


We are officially out of DFW and are still living out of a suitcase in the Texas Hill Country.  We've been staying with my parents/sister as we look for jobs and a place to live in San Antonio.  I'm surprised at how well I've been able to live out of suitcase.  I only have a few options for clothing and I'm actually okay with it.  I hope to minimize my clothing once we get it all out of storage.

Speaking of storage, ALL of my fall clothes/scarves are in storage so I need to get them out!  It's very slowly starting to get cooler down here and I'm still in t-shirts and tank tops.  Ha!


The job search has been great!  Thankfully there's a pretty good market down here for CPAs so I've been blessed with 5 great interviews.  Thank you Jesus!  I had to break out my business suits for the first time in 5 years...fun.  5 interviews in 3 days was a bit exhausting.  They would all be wonderful companies to work for!  More to come on this soon!


We found an awesome rental house!!!  Our goal was to find a place near our jobs but after being down here for a little while, we've realized that traffic is NOTHING like DFW so even if you don't live by your job, the commute won't be too terrible.  I'll share more about it once we've moved in, but we're pretty excited!  The plan is to move in next Wednesday.


We're on our way to visit my hubby's grandpa for the weekend!  He's now going to be 11 hours away from us which we're pretty sad about so we're excited about this time with him!  Please pray for our drive!


Amidst all of this moving craziness, I get to be a part of helping my sister plan her wedding!  It's such perfect timing to be down here with her so I can see it all unfold.  We're in the middle of wedding dress shopping for her which is exciting!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you for being patient with me!  XOXOXO

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Favorites: Hawaii Edition!!!

Remember last month??  When I had all of these makeup/beauty favorites?!

Well...totally opposite in September!  Haha!  I still haven't even gotten my Ipsy bag because they sent it to my old address.  I only wore makeup one day while in Hawaii.  It was awesome.

So my September Favorites are some of my favorite moments in Hawaii that were captured on my iPhone.  I have yet to go through my photos on my good camera.  We went all over the island of Kauai!  I hope you enjoy!

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Favorite Moments in Kauai

Awesome time with my sisters...

A plethora of Hawaiian Mai Tai's...

Menehune Pond where part of Indiana Jones was filmed...

A real Hawaiian luau...

Hiking in Waimea Canyon...

Kauai sunsets...

(from Spouting Horn)

(from Polihale Beach)

This ahi poke tower with purple sweet potato chips...

My sister getting engaged at the top of Wailua Falls...

This view from our back porch after the rain...

Call me crazy, but the best hot dog I've had in my life (homemade bread, Polish sausage, mango relish, spicy jalapeno garlic sauce, Hawaiian mustard)...

This moment while we waited to head to the airport for our flight out while watching our last sunset...


Now we'd love to read about your September Favorites!  Share your favorite recipes, beauty products, moments with friends and family, books, workouts, anything you want.  Link up with me and Mia, link back to us and grab our Monthly Faves button.  You can still link up through the end of the month!

Thanks to everyone who has been linking up in previous months!  We love it!!!

A Deeper Joy

Monday, September 29, 2014

{Guest Post} Being Single

Hey there my lovely friends!  I'm back from Hawaii!!!  It was a blast and I took about a billion photos so it's going to take me a while to go through them and pick ones to share.  I'll post about it soon!

Today I'm celebrating my hubby's birthday and am just not ready to get back into the swing of things.  In fact, this Wednesday is my last day of work in Dallas so this is a really weird week for me.  We officially move out of the city on Thursday.  We'll be staying with my parents until we find jobs and somewhere to live in San Antonio.

So today my awesome friend, Kendra, from Kenji Is Here is guest posting on A Deeper Joy!  I have just LOVED getting to know Kendra while doing the No Other Gods study with her and Kayla.  LOVE her passion for the Lord and her ability to always stay positive.  

In case you don't already know this about me...I got married when I was 30 (one year ago) so, oh Lordy, did I have my fair share of being single in my 20's.  God taught me so many things and really grew my relationship with Him so I'm passionate about this subject.  Kendra is talking about her walk through this time and I just love it!  Hope you enjoy!

Take it away, Kendra...

I've had off and on boyfriends for a while now. Gone on too many first dates, but at the end of the day I'm what an application would call "single." Holla! I am definitely proud of being single. I in no way resent any ex boyfriend and am in no way trying to rush into a relationship. I've learned a lot being single and I wanted to share the top five things with you today.

1// Being single does not mean you are un-loved.  Where my single girls at?? Guess what? You, you are loved so much! By God, by your family, by your friends, and by that stranger who thinks you're a hottie. cat call anyone? But seriously, you are loved. Are you loved by the man of your dreams, maybe not..but that's okay because right now you are focusing on you and your goals and that is just fine. Prince Charming comes later on.

2// I have learned not to settle. No way no how, call me picky, call me what you want, but I just won't settle. You shouldn't either! Why? Because you have standards. Does it mean you'll be single longer? Maybe, but isn't it worth taking the time and being single than settling with the next available guy just to break up 3 months down the line? I think so. I've been single for a while now and in that time I have settled and it's never worth it. Ladies you are worth something. When you think you're worth nothing, you are wrong. You deserve the best! You deserve to be loved, truly loved!

3// I will never be able to be in a relationship when my faith is rocky.  What do I mean by that? I mean those times when life is happening and church and praying somehow get to the back burner..that is when I can't be in a relationship. That is when that little voice sneaks up and says "Kenji, you're lonely, go find a guy." Yeah, no. I know better. Any guy that enters my life will enter it through God. This is important to me. My relationship with God is #1. In those moments of weakness, nothing good can come. God first.

4// There's nothing better than being my own boss. I don't have to ask permission. I don't have to tell anyone where I am. I don't have to be home at a certain time. I don't have to worry about pleasing someone's family member that aren't my own. I am me, and I am in charge of me. I'll do what I want, when I want. This is perfect. I am independent and this fits my needs right now and it's perfect. Freedom.

5// The most important. I won't be single forever.  Even though there are days where I have a pity party of 1 and talk about how I will be an old cat lady hoarder one day, it won't happen. I won't be single for the rest of ever, and neither will you! One day my prince will come...or something like that. But seriously girls, I promise you all. We will look back on these times and laugh at how we thought we'd be single forever.

All I want to say is enjoy being single while you're single. It's a beautiful thing. Yes, a relationship and marriage and a family are wonderful things, but why try and rush what shouldn't be rushed. If you're down in the dumps just come over to my spot in the world and we'll have a single girls party and drink wine and watch movies all night. It'll be perfect!

Love yourself ladies!
Friday, September 26, 2014

{Guest Post} Finding Joy During Tough Times

Hey friends!  I'm getting back from Hawaii today!  I'm thrilled to have Caroline on the blog today.  If you don't already know her, I know you'll love her as much as I do! I know Caroline in person too and have loved getting to know her through our blogs as well!  She is always so encouraging and I learn so much from her!  Go for it, Caroline...

I’m Caroline and I blog over at In Due Time, which I started back in April of 2012. In 2011 my life changed for the better when I got married to my sweet husband, Colby. Besides working as a financial analyst, I enjoy spending time with Colby, friends, watching football, and attending various small groups and bible studies. I'm a health nut, who enjoys working out and eating healthy. I take every chance I can get to travel with my husband. I have a passion for those who are going through trials, especially those who feel like they are waiting on God to answer their prayers. I was overjoyed when Kelli asked me to post and hope you find it encouraging to read. Thanks Kelli for the opportunity to share about how I find joy during tough times. 

You can follow Caroline here:

Kelli and I met years ago at a friend's party, but lost contact until this past year when we found each other's blogs! I am so thankful we have reconnected and have been so blessed by her friendship. I love the title of her blog: A Deeper Joy.

Colby and I have waiting to expand our family now for 2.5 years and finding joy and contentment in the hard times is a topic I'm passionate about sharing with others. I love Nehemiah 8:10, which says, "the joy of the Lord is your strength." This verse really summarizes the past few years for us. We desire children so strongly and haven't had them yet and are in a place where ALL of our friends are parents already (or so it seems), but we still are full with joy.

But, how? Jesus! We know that Jesus is the only person who can solve what we are longing for. It won't be babies, a job, a husband, or money. It's God alone. I believe when we truly realize how blessed we are, we find contentment. Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of what you already have. There is purpose to every trial and every waiting period and God's purpose isn't for us to grow bitter, angry, or jealous. He wants to use the trial to refine us. He wants us to be content in ALL circumstances. Even though you might not understand the why or understand the what, continue to trust Him. Let His strength be your joy. Allow your trial to be used for God's glory. Let it be a time where you find hope and joy from Him, not from what you are waiting for.

So what are ways to find a deeper joy while struggling? Read the word. Spend time with Him. Instead of focusing on what you want, but don't have, celebrate and thank God for all the blessings that you do have. You will find that when you shift your perspective, you will be renewed with a new joy that only the Lord can give!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{Guest Post} Beauty Tips and Tricks

Hey friends!  Today, one of my newest blogging friends is taking over the blog.  Lily from Beauty with Lily is so helpful in teaching me about beauty tips!  I won her giveaway a while back and now like red lipstick...crazy!  I'm excited to have her post today...hope you enjoy!

Hey ladies! I'm so happy to be guest posting on Kelli's blog today! I was so excited when she first asked me, I immediately started brainstorming and the idea of blogging about my top beauty tips and tricks popped in my head. Perfect! Who doesn't want to learn about new techniques, products that are multitaskers, and then some!

My name is Liliana, but please, call me Lily! I have been blogging for over a year, over at Beauty With Lily...there you'll find tons of beauty and fashion related posts.

Thanks again Kelli, I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog!

Image from Google Images
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{Guest Post} Blogging, the real story..

Hey friends!  Today I have Kayla from Mississippi Mrs on the blog!  I've gotten to know Kayla through a Bible study that we're doing together and I just love her heart.  She's so passionate and loving.  Hope you enjoy her post!  Check out her blog as well!

Hi! I'm Kayla and I blog over at Mississippi Mrs.  I'm so thrilled that Kelli let me take over her blog today, so I'll try not to disappoint her!  If you've never been to my blog, then I write about my daily life as Brian's wife, random events in our life, and throw in a recipe and DIY every so often.  Oh, and I am addicted to coffee. 

So, blogging.  This can be a topic all in itself, right?


I've worked up a list of the Pro/Con of this beloved blog world.  All opinions are my own, of course.

+ friendships.  This is my far my favorite aspect of blogging.  There are several ladies that I email / text with on a daily basis. 
+ networking. This applies much like friendships, but I am speaking more brand directed with this point.
+ inspiration.  Almost daily I see a cute DIY or recipe that I had to my ever-growing "to do" list!

Blogging is such a great way to keep up with friends / family or just make new friends!  It can allow a creative outlet to form and great friendships develop.  Keep a positive attitude and the blogging world will be YOUR friend back.

- time-consuming.  Blogging takes a lot of time, if you are a serious blogger. 
- stressful. Staying on your A game and up to date with the latest trends can, in fact, be overwhelming.
- addictive.  While reading blogs for fun can happen, sometimes we as humans get too consumed with "everyone else" in life and miss out on our own great moments.

Staying at the top of the "best bloggers" list isn't in my cards, but it is so many.  These people end up failing because they aren't being true to themselves.  Write honestly.  Speak freely.  But if you miss a day or are having writer's block, don't stress.  It's just a blog and I promise it will be there later when you are feeling more creative. 

What are some of your pros/cons of the blogging world? I would love to hear!